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  by Jeff Smith
I'll leave this to the esteemed and worthy "Naugatroll" to decide how to use this thread, but I thought I'd get us started. Subway "delays" are probably pretty hard to track, particularly given the size of NYC's Subway System. So I really don't want to do "delays". But I thought something along the lines of what's specified in the title (particularly NYTM Heritage Trains) would be worthy of this thread.

So I'll get us started: never mind! Dang it all if while I was typing this, the mta.info update changed to "back to normal with residual delays".

What I wanted to post here was that "due to police activity, 4 and 5 trains are running local between 42nd and 125th, with some 5 trains running on the 2 line". Granted, this may not be earth-shattering, but it was meant to be an "ice-breaker". And generally, this type of occurrence I'd consider "borderline reportable", but again will leave this to Naugatroll to moderate and judge. Or lock, if it's too much.
  by GirlOnTheTrain
Ground rules:

COMMON reroutes...who cares...(Example: IND Sixth and Eighth Avenue trains run on each other's lines pretty commonly.) - also no rehashing GO's unless it's something super creative.

WEIRD stuff...like the G running into Manhattan as happened a few weeks ago...that's cool. R110's in revenue service (HAHAHAH yeah right...but something outlandish like that if you get my drift) also acceptable, as are museum equipment sightings...

If this thread turns into a bunch of fantasy nonsense it shall be locked.
  by railfan365
I haven't encountered any noteworthy reroutes lately. However, one that I encountered in 1984 was a G train going from Brooklyn to Queens via the f line from Bergen Street to Continental Avenue. Along the way, travelers who were accustomed to seeing R-46's on the F were reacting badly to the decrepit R-10's and many would not get on.
  by checkthedoorlight
A couple of G's actually did get rerouted into Manhattan 2 weekends ago. Trouble with the switch north of Bergen, so they ran via the F line to Rockefeller Center, then via the M to Queens Plaza, went into the spur, and then ran back to Church via the connector to Court Square.

The weekend of Jan 16-17 we're gonna have a crazy GO. D trains will run between 205 and WORLD TRADE. No D service in Brooklyn at all.....but the N will be running via the D from Stillwell to Pacific! And what will run on the N, you ask? SHUTTLE BUSES.
  by Jeff Smith
naugatroll wrote:...If this thread turns into a bunch of fantasy nonsense it shall be locked.
All hail the Queen! :wink:
  by Jeff Smith
This seems unusual: http://www.mta.info/status/subway/BDFM/24223468" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Broken rail.
MTA Service Status

Service Change Posted: 01/21/2016 3:22PM

Due to broken rails at Jay St-Metrotech and 7 Av, southbound F Subway and G Subway are running express from Smith-9 St to Church Avenue.

Some southbound F Subway are running on the E Subway line from Roosevelt Av-Jackson Heights to Court Square, then on the G Subway line to Bergen Street.

Some southbound F Subway trains are running express from Jay Street-Metrotech to Church Avenue.

Some southbound F Subway trains and southbound G Subway trains are running express from Smith-9 Streets to Church Avenue.

Expect extensive delays in F Subway and G Subway train service in both directions.

Allow additional travel time.
  by Allan
The G.O. in effect last weekend (Mar 26-27, 2016) had an interesting reroute (planned, of course):

R trains operate on the outer track at DeKalb Av, then go over the northern tracks (B & D line) of the Manhattan Bridge to West 4th St, cross over to the local track and operate via the M (53rd St) to Queens Plaza where it returned to regular routing on the local track to 71 Av.
  by GirlOnTheTrain
Due to a substation fire in midtown last night there are some pretty interesting diversions up...
Due to a third rail loss of power at 7 Av (Manhattan), the following service changes are in effect:

There is no D or F train service between 47-50 Sts-Rockefeller Ctr and W 4 St-Washington Sq in both directions. (Reminder: Today, trains run on a holiday schedule, no B trains running, M trains operate between Delancey St-Essex St and Middle Village-Metropolitan Av.)

There is no service on the E line between World Trade Center and Queens Plaza in both directions.

D Subway trains are running on the A line between 59 St-Columbus Circle and West 4 St-Washington Square, then over the F line between Broadway-Lafayette St and Coney Island-Stillwell Av in both directions.

E trains are running on the R Subway line between Queens Plaza and Whitehall St in both directions.

F trains are running on the R line between Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Av and 34 St Herald Square, then over the Q line between 34 St-Herald Square and DeKalb Av, then over the D line between Atlantic Av-Barclays Center and Coney Island-Stillwell Av in both directions.
More info on http://www.mta.info which is subject to change.

I bolded some of the more unusual routings that might be photo-worthy for those interested.
  by GirlOnTheTrain
There were 2 R160s running around on the D line this evening - they originated as extras for the crowds related to the women's right's march.

As spotted by our own Fanrailer: viewtopic.php?f=68&t=160171&start=45#p1417944
  by trainbrain
With the Second Avenue line now open, trains from Queens Boulevard can now go via 63rd street onto Broadway. Most likely would be R train reroutes. Have any trains in revenue service done this yet?
  by rr503
Yup! Several times -- even before SAS. The connection from broadway to 63rd has been open from the beginning of the 63rd st line, and was actually used regularly when Q trains ran to Queensbridge back in the 90s.
  by trainbrain
The nycsubway.org track map shows diamond crossovers between the Broadway and 6th Avenue connections immediately west of the station. Everything coming from Queens has to stop on the F side and if it's a reroute going to Broadway, it would switch over to the Q side just after the station. Only trains going up Second Avenue stop on the Q side, so while the tunnel from Broadway to 63rd Street has been used occasionally, the Q side of the station had never been used until Second Ave opened. Interesting.
  by Allan
Not quite true. Occasionally the Q side of 63rd St was used on occasion for a lay-up of a Q train when they terminated at 57/7. Since there was a wall in place no one would ever see the train there.