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  by NeoArashi
1: Which VIA Train, among those you took, offer the nicest views?

Having only taken 3 non-corridor trains in my life, my answer is easy: The Montreal/Senneterre train. I love the Ocean, but most of the would-be impressive view (St-Lawrence rivers and mountains) are passed trhough the night, no matter what direction you go.

And None of the corridor train I took (Montreal-Quebec, the Montreal-Toronto-Ottawa triangle, Toronto-Niagara Falls and Toronto-Windsor) had really impressive view.

The Montreal-Jonquiere train share the same path as the Montreal-Senneterre train until Hervey-Jonction, but Hervey-Jonquiere segment isn't as nice as the Senneterre segment (And to think I have never went beyond Casey, lol)

2: Do you enjoy train travelling more when it's sunny/calm, or when it's raining/snowing?

Again, easy answer: BRING ON THE SNOWSTORM! I can be viewed as a a-hole for wishing this, but whenever I take a VIA train, I always hope for a snowstorm to swoop in while I travel by train. There's always that satisfaction feeling when I know my train will (usually) just ''mind it's own business'' while other people struggle driving during a snowstorm. Sadly, I've only ever got a snowstorm twice (In 2012 and 2017). And durring summer, I've had rain fall down many times, but I only got a single thunderstorm, and it was short-lived (Started in Cambelton, and by the time we reached the province of Quebec, it was already over) Never got heavy rain.

3:This question is mainly for people who take long rides ( So none of the corridor trains) Do you usually bring your own food, or pay for meals/snacks onboard?

This is a harder question to answer for me. I tend to, kind of, do both. On the Ocean, I will often get breakfast at the restaurant car, but in the Montreal-Senneterre/Jonquière) I will usually grab something in the Central Station's McDonald's before I leave, and ''survive'' the rest of the trip with snacks I buy at the Couche-Tard. When I do Jonquiere-Montreal I usually just bring snacks (Since there are no fast-food joint next to the station), and same for the Sanmaur-Montreal segment (I could bring a meal from on of Wemotaci's restaurant, but due to the train's high unreliability, I prefer to just eat something, then bring snacks)

4: Do you (almost) always take the train when it's an available means of transport from where you are to where you're going?

Me? My answer is yes, except for the Montreal-Quebec city segment. Price for distance in the corridor is highway robbery IMO. I will, however, often take my Preference point for a Montreal-Quebec trip (Which I did for late december)

5: Have you ever taken a detour, just for the sake of getting to your destination by train?

Not really. I did, however, take a detour to have a LONGER train ride at least 4 times to Halifax.Instead of leaving from Ste-Foy, I will sometime go all the way to Montreal, just for that extra 3 hours of train travelling =)