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  by hotbike
Can anyone tell me more about the SD50-3's?

I had heard that the SD50's were less reliable than their pedecessor, the SD40.

Are the SD50's (on CSX) being rebuilt as SD50-3's getting Electronic upgrades?

I have seen photos of the SD50-3's, I'm on a list called "CSX railfans at yahoo groups dot com".

How many SD50's does CSX have, and are all of them going to be upgraded? and in what time-frame? and Are other railroads going to upgrrade their SD50's?
  by Mr.S
hotbike I sent you a message..

  by Mr.S
You may answer with the following:

 The SD50-3 is a CSX rebuild project where Huntington Shop takes the standard SD50 and completely guts it and rebuilds it with modern equipment.

The SD50 was plagued by various issues straight out of EMD such as diesel engine problems and wiring and control issues. The predecessor SD40-2 was a better locomotive.

The SD50-3 upgrades include:

Wabtec microprocessor control system
Rebuilt 16-645E3C engine for 3000HP (replacing the 3500HP 645F3B)

Wabtec "FastBrake" electronic air brake system.

Cab enhancements for crew comfort.

New control stand with LCD display and room for future PTC screen

Completely rebuild electrical rotating equipment.

CSX rosters approximately 177 SD50 units. Some of these had been down rated to 3000HP without rebuilding and are classed as SD50-2.

CSX units come from SBD, Chessie and Conrail.

The time frame is to get 14 units out by Dec 31st. Afterward, the next step will be discussed regarding which units will be rebuilt
and how many.

As a note to all, one former Conrail unit is in this batch of rebuilds. It is 8662 and still retains its Flexicoil trucks.

If further information is needed check into these forums :

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Mr. S