• Discussion related to the Lehigh Valley Railroad and predecessors for the period 1846-1976. Originally incorporated as the Delaware, Lehigh, Schuylkill and Susquehanna Railroad Company.
Discussion related to the Lehigh Valley Railroad and predecessors for the period 1846-1976. Originally incorporated as the Delaware, Lehigh, Schuylkill and Susquehanna Railroad Company.

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  by scottychaos
woo hoo!
she is looking AWESOME greg! :P
She hasnt looked that good in..who knows how long..
many many decades at least..
I will be down for the day on Thanksgiving, I will have to swing by and check her out! :)

  by dj_paige
Very very nice pictures, Greg. Makes me want to drive down there and see this beauty for myself!
  by Lehighrrgreg
Primarily, I would like to say congratulations to our great co-moderator, Mr. Lawrence, on his engagement. I just saw the happy couple in the Sayre Evening Times and I hope he and his bride are very happy together.

Also, photographs of the life of the Sayre Historical Society's caboose, 95011 are now available for viewing on the Historical Society's page. This provides more on the photograph aspect of the caboose but for data on the caboose, be sure to follow the links from our Locomotive Rescue page into Scot Lawrence's LV page for technical data.
Just click on "Historic Rail Equipment" on the left side of the front page and follow the links.


  by scottychaos
thanks Greg! :P
I havent seen the thing in the paper yet myself, as im up in Rochester, but my parents said they will mail me a copy..
and yes, we are very happy! :)


  by scottychaos
great pictures of the caboose!
most of those I have never seen before..

just a side note on one of them..
the photo of the caboose after it had been painted red, but not yet lettered, you said
"Basic painting completed. Members of the Valley Railroad Museum and GE employees stand in front of finished caboose."

im 99.9% sure that everyone in that photo must be GE employees, and none of them are Valley RR museum members..
I dont recognize anyone in that photo..

although I suppose its possible there were some new members by 1990 that might be in that photo, because I stopped being actively involved with the museum around 1988, when I went to college..but if that photo had the "main group" of VRRM members in it, I should recognize at least one of them! ;) there were only about 8 members of the museum anyway..the membership between 1988 and 1990 probably didnt change much..
so im quite certain that must be all GE employees..
you could ask Bob Bird to be sure, he would probably know..

  by ANDY117
Is the 23B in Sayre yet?
  by Lehighrrgreg
Not yet


  by ANDY117
Will it be here in time for Spring Break? Where is its current location?
  by Lehighrrgreg
No, I dont expect it to be here by then. The guy who is donating it has several other projects he is working on, as well as a full loco rehab business, so our project will be worked on gradually as he gets the time.

  by BR&P
Great to see the caboose being restored! One disagreement - LV 95011 did not become a Reading caboose as the second photo claims. Look at the rain gutters over the side windows - an LV identifying feature. The RDG photo does not have them, then they appear again on the CR photo. Count the steps - 3 for the LV, 2 on the RDG, 3 on the Conrail. Note the 95011 has a window on the end, to the right of the door. The RDG does not. Lastly, the LV shot shows an extension of the end ladders looping above the rooftop, the RDG ladders appear to end flush with the roof. There are probably more items if we keep looking but that's enough to make my point.

Conclusion - those are two separate cabooses, and LV 95011 did not get sold to RDG.

  by scottychaos
perhaps it went briefly to the Reading, then returned to the LV, but was unmodified in the process?
that would make sense..
then that photo of the Reading caboose would simply be a photo of *another* reading caboose..
I agree, its obvious the Reading caboose in that photo is not 95011.

so perhaps information is correct, but photo is wrong?


  by BR&P
Well, judging by those guys standing by the RDG caboose, we're talking about well before my time, not to mention not in my area. So at this point I'll say it's possible the caboose was loaned or leased to RDG. I doubt strongly RDG renumbered or relettered it even if if DID go to them for a while. I wonder where the historical society people got the idea? I DO know that March 1, 1970 it was at Manchester NY on the LV.

  by ANDY117
Well, you have 2 teenagers eager to help out with the manual labor! My griend John likes trains, and is VERY excited about this. Looks like i'm gonna be saving my lawn mowing moneys for a new purpose!
  by Lehighrrgreg
Caboose: I am not sure what specifically the photo of the RDG people have to do with the caboose myself. When I unpacked the Valley Railroad Museum collection, there was a folder that said "95011 Photographs" The paperwork we have on the caboose says that it was conveyed to the RDG at one point but gives no date. I think maybe it was during that lease agreement that fizzled out. Anyway, I should have evaluated the photo more but inserted it with the rest.

Andy: Good to hear, I still have your email address from our email conversations where you had expressed the same interest and have added it into the Sayre Historical Society's email system and will let you know as soon as we get things rolling this summer.

Im going to be moving our new EL car to Sayre this spring by flatbed so I will post photos of that as it happens.