• Saw my first SD30ECO

  • Discussion relating to the past and present operations of CPR. Official web site can be found here: CPR.CA.
Discussion relating to the past and present operations of CPR. Official web site can be found here: CPR.CA.

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  by Allen Hazen
Driving past the Edmonton yard (in Strathcona, just south of Whyte Avenue) this evening (14.x.2013), as a VERY freshly painted unit numbered in 5000 range: an SD30ECO, with the big flared radiators as spotting feature I was surer of than I was of the number. Switching, coupled to an older unit.
  by Allen Hazen
I managed a closer look at CP 5000 (SD30ECO) a few days ago. It was coupled to an SD40-2 (to form a 6000 hp, 12 axle, switcher set in the Edmonton yards: CP's switching needs have certainly changed since the days when they bought a huge fleet of 660 hp switchers!).

Comparing the two units... There was a difference in cab profile: the outer, sloped, part of the cab roof was not as steep on the new unit as on the old: I assume this gives increased headroom inside the cab.
  by Engineer Spike
I ran my first SD30eco, 5017 last night. I have mixed thoughts about it. The control stand/displays were similar to other recent EMD products. The displays are in front, under the engineer's windshield. I would think that on a unit designed as a heavy road switcher that it might be on top of the control stand, like NS's units. THE UNIT WAS VERY NOISY. I had a heavy train, so I was in the higher notches all night. Another complaint is the heat. The. side wall heaters have one setting, and it is a switch on the control stand. Sometimes it is cool outside, yet the sun is bright. The guy on the shade side needs heat, while the other is baking in the sun.

Based on the blue card, this is considered a rebuild. It showed a build date of 1980, and renumbered from 5934. It must have been in deadline for some time. The previous test dates were in 2008, and had 14xx days out of service.

I must say that it pulled well. The train was 8300t, and it was trailed by a over toaster oven (AC4400). I did 25 mph up a hill which I do 21 mph with 10000t with 2 toaster ovens.

I wish they used the sound proofing which was used on the SD40s which had upgraded cabs. This were mostly retired, as it was mostly the earlier ones.