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Discussion related to BNSF operations. Official site: BNSF.COM

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  by Jeff Smith
BNSF Ready to Help Give Salmon Bay Bridge a Lift: Railway Age
The Salmon Bay Rail Bridge is a vital regional connector expediting movement of people and freight between Vancouver, B.C., and Seattle. Last year, the Infrastructure for Rebuilding America grant program awarded $25 million to fund heavy maintenance and repairs needed to keep the bridge operating at peak efficiency. BNSF is contributing an additional $70 million to complete the project.
The bridge serves as a vital connector in the state’s transportation infrastructure, where ships and trains cross. Each day, an average of 30-40 trains cross the bridge, including Sounder and Amtrak passenger trains. The bridge gets 8-10 lifts per day as about 140 commercial and recreational maritime vessels pass under it.
The original jackknife-style bridge was approved for construction by the Great Northern Railway in 1912. Bridge aficionados will recognize the design as a Strauss Heel-trunnion single-leaf bascule bridge with two tracks and a 200-foot opening span. A 1,750-ton counterbalancing weight was replaced in 1948 and will be replaced as part of the current heavy maintenance and repair program. Aside from standard replacement of moving parts and machinery – and generations of rail ties – the structure has operated safely and efficiently throughout its life.
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