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  • General discussion about railroad operations, related facilities, maps, and other resources.
General discussion about railroad operations, related facilities, maps, and other resources.

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  by grink
There is this new bill in the works called the Rockefeller-Snow bill relating to cybersecurity and many industries, including the railroad industry. I just wanted to pass the information along. The text of the bill isn't available yet, but here is a link to the press release about it: http://commerce.senate.gov/public/_file ... Apr090.pdf. If certain facilities equipment get tagged as critical infrastructure there could be impact the ability to be around or near the facility or equipment. Maybe even taking pictures. The electric industry already has nine standards passed (and enforceable by FERC) relating to this topic that involve protecting certain equipment.

Here is an excerpt from the press release:
This comprehensive legislation addresses our country’s unacceptable vulnerability to massive cyber crime, global cyber espionage, and cyber attacks that could cripple our critical infrastructure. We presently have systems to protect our nation’s secrets and our government networks against cyber espionage, and it is imperative that those cyber defenses keep up with our enemies’ cyber capabilities. However, another great vulnerability our country faces is the threat to our private sector critical infrastructure–banking, utilities, air/rail/auto traffic control, telecommunications–from disruptive cyber attacks that could literally shut down our way of life.
To get the full details when they are available: go to http://thomas.loc.gov, then select Senator Rockefeller from the drop down list, then scroll down to bill 773.
  by tree68
Broadly speaking, one might include digital images within the "cyber" umbrella, particularly when posted on-line.

Given the issues railfans have encountered with totally legitimate activities, giving the doomsayers another bit of ammunition can't be a good thing.