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  by BobLI
Do they yard some "A" trains there overnight and then deadhead them to Far Rockaway via the "Y" for the morning rush hour?
  by Robert Paniagua
Yeah they do. They do indeed store A-Line Trains there as well in addition to Pitkin and 207th St Yards, all they do is deadhead them from B 116th St (where Rockaway park Yard sits) to far Rockaway via the Hammels' Wye straight track and on down to Far Rockaway to start their AM run, and at night, it's reverse. At the end of the run, they deadhead the trains back to Rockaway Park yard
  by Crabman1130
Many years ago when I lived in Queens there would be a Round Robin that went from Far Rockaway to Rockaway Park , then to the Fulton line. Do they still do that?
  by Robert Paniagua
Not anymore, they stopped that ion late'92 or early '93. Since then, Anyone wishing to go to Rockaway Park-B 116th St/Belle Harbor, would have to come off the A at Broad Channel and change there to the Rock Park Shuttle train and then that train drops the off at Rockaway Park-Beach 116th Street/Belle Harbo
  by R36 Combine Coach
That was the H/HH Rockaway shuttle which lasted until late 1992. It was the final home for the R10s and R30s.
  by railfan365
R36 Combine Coach wrote:That was the H/HH Rockaway shuttle which lasted until late 1992. It was the final home for the R10s and R30s.
Actually, the R-10's and R-30's were operating on the C local, right up to the end of their respective service lives.
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  by Robert Paniagua
That's right an also some R30s were used on the H line until they wer retired in May 1993
  by keyboardkat
The R-10s were the first new cars the TA got after the end of WW II. Wow! How much of our new glitzy rolling stock will have that kind of service life?

During the budget crisis of the late '70s, the TA was not maintaining the equpment. I remember riding an R-10 which had no lights at all. It was the first car on the train, and the motorman dropped the access panel above the end door so that the two small light bulbs behind the roll sign above the door at the end of the car would provide a little bit of illumination to the otherwise totally dark interior. We've come a long way since then
  by Kamen Rider
I think the point of modern car life-spans is so they CAN'T get like how you described the R10s.