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  by russp
Does anyone know when the B&O ceased passenger service to Rochester, NY ? I'm guessing 1953 or 1954, but I'm not sure. Thanks for any help you can provide.

  by TB Diamond
Quite sure that the service ended in August, 1953. The train remained steam powered to the end.

  by Otto Vondrak
Rochester Chapter NRHS offers a DVD of a 1950s film called "The Vanishing American" that documents a trip on the B&O Rochester Division from Rochester to Salamanca and back. The narration is cheesy, but the footage is pretty good. Shows a steam powered train with B&O "Royal Blue" liveried heavyweight equipment.

http://rochnrhs.org/store/index.htm (click on the link to our ebay store and look for "The Vanishing American" DVD)


  by JT76
yeah it was 1953... my grandfather has that video mentioned... it has really good footage, besides the train, you can see a lot of the landmarks (i can remember the Gainsville station, E Sal Shops and station, and the bridge over rte 16 near michias jct among other things)