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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by Lackawanna484
Coupla notes on the area:

The new road has been completed from the station area south along and west of the NYSW into the industrial complex behind the NYSW. Big signs on the north end declaring the ROAD CLOSED and Private Road Patrolled by NYSW Police. At the NYSW end is a fenced area with a gate for the new road. Saw a large tractor trailer make the difficult turn at Ridgefield. (cross CSX and NYSW tracks, make a left onto the existing road, and an immediate sharp left to then swing right onto the new road)

Green Goat was munching peacefully at the north end of the NYSW engine facility. GP 40 3040 was the yard engine (WS-1?), so the Goat might be WS-4's power later on. Or, maybe not.

UP sent a short TOFC COFC train south (Q158?) at about 1030. The surprise was its leader: 9100. I believe this was the original C40-8 from the 1987 order. Since the train appeared to be using the crossover at CP 6, it had slowed to 20-25 mph.

A later Q train came south with a pair of 47xx units. Including an earlier AC6000CW led train, that was three southbounds on the River Line in less than an hour

No sign of rowdy railfans, lurking CSX cops, or friendly NYSW people in the area.

  by trainfreak
Well it looks like that was a busy time on the Riverline. Does anyone know how long the Green Goat will be grazing around NYSW property? I would like to see it but i havent been able to get to the Ridgefield Park for about a month or so now.