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  by 4400Washboard
How's the R33 rider car scrapping going? Are any of the older R17/21/22 CWRs, De-Icers going soon also?
  by R36 Combine Coach
Scrapping has ended as of January. Cars scrapped in the recent (2013) dispositions include 3 R30s (8424, 8425, 8463), the last R27 (8145), several Main Line R33s (8812-13, 8888-89, 9000-01 among), some single unit WF R33s (9314, 9317, 9320, 9328, 9338), one WE R36 set (9400-01, slated for restoration but replaced with GEs 9586-87 due to severe body issues), six R32s that were stored at Fresh Pond since 2010 (3370-71, 3630-31, 3836-37), plus some stored R42s (4550-51, 4616-17, 4620-21, 4674-75, 4704-05, 4738-39, 4784-85).

Disposition of the R44s was completed by May 2013. None of the older R17/21/22s seem to have been gone yet. In fact there is one R14 de-icer still going strong! The last mass scrapping in 2007 (during the reefing program) had claimed many R12, R14, R17, R21 and R22 cars.
  by 4400Washboard
There's still an R14?!?! It makes more sense to scrap all the older cars, and keep the newer ones. Why'd they store a couple R32s and R42s just to scrap them???