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Tell us where you were and what you saw!

Moderator: David Benton

  by Gilbert B Norman
Interesting how the Ski Train gets press over in your neck of the woods, Mr. Benton. But then it is my understanding the sport is popular over your way in July!!!

I think this an appropriate topic to point out how during 2005, the Ski Train equipment had an interesting charter. That charter was to operate a parking lot shuttle between University of Iowa's Kinnick Stadium which is within walking distance of the Rock Island in Iowa City and a remote parking lot in Coralville some six miles to the West.

Seemed like quite the "luxoride' six mile journey for U of I's home football games.

This year, The Shuttle continues to operate; however it's equipment has been "rationalized". The equipment now consists of bi-level Chicago & North Western and/or Rock Island commuter cars placed in service during the 60's. All such have now been retired from METRA (Chicago area rail commuter agency) service, and reportedly the cars "have seen better days".

But as I've said to railfan friends from out that way, and who have a U of Iowa alumna daughter, when I hear them lamenting the loss of the Ski Train, my response is "hey, to 99% of the passengers it's just a fifteen minute ride and takes care of business".

  by David Benton
Quite so , Mr Norman . The difference in hemisperes and seasons means alot of out competition skiers spend our summer / your winter in the rockies .