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  by Jeff Smith
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From a Yahoo News Story, some interesting tidbits and pics:

http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_thelookou ... hon=501,ny
The city decided 10 years ago to donate the old cars so that mussels, barnacles, and even some sharks could glom on and weave in and out of the structures off the Eastern seaboard. Photographer Stephen Mallon captured these images of ocean-bound cars from 2008-2010 that all ended up off the coast of Virginia, Delaware and Maryland.
  by Head-end View
Some of us were around when those R-32 cars were new. You trying to make us cry or what? The R-160's are nice, but you just had to be there in the 1960's to see the R-32's replacing BMT Standards and the first R-40/slants running on the E/F line alongside the old R-1 thru 9's.
  by Head-end View
Some of us also remember watching the last of the R-1 thru 9's running out their last days on that same 8th Ave. Local. I think it was the "CC" line back then, in the late 1970's.
  by MBTA1016
I saw a tv show a while ago that was about the old redbirds. The show ended by showing the redbirds going for a swim in the ocean with fishes.
  by Head-end View
I didn't know Redbirds could swim. They were very good cars for head-end window viewing, back in a world that doesn't exist anymore. Didn't know they could swim though..........
  by MBTA1016
I really think I should've fixed that to say "they got tossed in and sank like a ship". :)