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  • General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.
General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.

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  by Andrew
I am a Motorman for the NYC Transit Authority, will make 6 years on JAN 11 2016.

I cannot believe the garbage this guy is talking about, he is a menace and dangerous on the road, The Railroad was right in not hiring him. People have NO idea how safety sensitive this job is.

I can have 2000 people on my train during Rush Hour and even the off hours are crowded. NYC Transit is very particular about safety and if you show that you cannot adhere to this, they remove you from the front of the train.

Working for a railroad, ANY railroad is a 24 hour job in the sense that you must be responsible off the job in the same manner you are on it.

When I am on my Days off, it doesn't mean go out and drink and get hammered, it means acting responsibly.

What this guy did was not "mistakes" as he called them, he was incredibly irresponsible. Who gets their drivers license suspended twice in 4 years????

I got my license in Sept 1985, 30 years ago and it was suspended once, in March 1986 because I was an idiot and didn't follow traffic rules. I learned my lesson back then but some people don't as is the case here.

I doubt he will ever be hired by any railroad, his driving record is just obnoxiously horrible.
  by BR&P
Marnos wrote:

The railroads fall under FTSB regulations, which are pretty serious and very strict on certain things. Those FTSB people don't play. Just getting a speeding ticket in your own car, on your own time can put you in a bad situation with a company that falls under FTSB regulations.

Get a reckless operation or DUI and you're likely done for life. FTSB doesn't play around.
Do you actually know what you are talking about, or just making a point? I know new regulation seems to come along almost daily, and my info is about 4 years out of date. But unless it has changed, engineers come under 49 CFR 240, the enforcement of which is overseen by the FRA. At the time I last knew, a DWI in your auto had to be reported to your employer, but a speeding ticket or reckless driving did not. If you are correct, and any such offense must be reported to the company, the burden for compliance must be overwhelming. With the drug/alcohol ticket the employee had to be evaluated to determine if it was a lapse of judgement or an ongoing problem. The follow-up and documentation of everything was staggering.

If what you say is accurate, even the smallest of railroads will soon need a full-time person just to handle the various paperwork and record keeping demanded by the feds.
  by Steelrain
Sounds to me like you dont really care about rules.

Im military, 5 years. 4 enlisted, recently commissioned. Let me tell you that I thought the Army was paranoid about safety - NS and the Railroad takes it just as serious, if not more.

The argument of "Well I made mistakes." - Thats great. You're allowed to make mistakes. Doesn't mean they have to ignore them. In the RR business, if you can't follow rules, or safety guidelines, you wont last. Your 'mistakes' are not some learning curve where its cool to just pick which ones to follow, have a few judgement lapses, and Idk, cause a derailment in a town and lose thousands of dollars or hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions of dollars of freight, chemicals, or damages.

Failure to obey safety rules, especially seat belts...Who the hell doesn't wear a seatbelt? Like, who the hell ACTUALLY gets in a car and thinks it is uncomfortable? Its not like throwing a jacket on your ground instead of putting it on a hanger in the closet. People die if you dont follow safety regulations.

I've sat in on plenty of promotion boards and hiring processes in several different jobs. I wouldn't hire anyone with a safety record that had that many issues. At least not in the last 5 years. You need time between your 'mistakes' and when you apply. You're a liability and a mistake waiting to happen. You just aren't worth pursuing as a candidate, when there are experienced, good people who are furloughed simply because of the economy. If they are going to hire new, why you?