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  by MEC407
I've often heard of ALCO locomotives having their original prime mover replaced with an EMD.

I was wondering if there have ever been any instances of a GE locomotive that had its PM replaced with an EMD, or an EMD loco that had its PM replaced with a GE, etc.
  by fglk
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  by Alcoman
Alco repowered many Baldwins and FM's with 251 engines.

Some railroads such as L&N repowered GE's with Alco 251's.
  by Statkowski
M-K (Boise, Idaho) repowered a bunch of U-25Bs with EMD prime movers for Weyerhauser and the OC&E in Oregon.

  by GN 599
5 of em to be exact. Last I heard Econorail had them. I have the means to buy one but they wont return e mails. Anybody know if they are even in business???
  by jesse corbett
SCL did a bunch of Baldwin switchers with EMD's and dont forget those really cool RS3's with EMD engines that Penn Central and Conrail did.

  by SRS125
Penn Central and Conrail did a large number of RS-3M's they were refered to as DeWitt 's and Philiys. DeWitts could be spotted with a camel style hump behind the cab while the philadelphia units did not have this look. DeWitt Shop also reproduced as RSD-15 with a Matching RS-11 Slug set rebuilt as well both units had the same cab number and worked in DeWitt Yard in Hump Service till both units worked untill the MT-6 and MT-4 Slug progam started.