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  by K-4s DRIVER
_Whats the latest on the Renovo Car Shops reopening. Cant find any updates on the net. Got to Renovo a couple times last fall. Only saw a few men working on the track at the west end of the complex. Also saw the car shop doors open last trip. Anyone live close by who can give an update?-Mark

  by K-4s DRIVER
Here is a little update on the Renovo Railcar company that now occupies the PRR car shops. The PRR cars that were displayed by the coaling tower have been moved to the east end of the complex. The little bit of yard track that left looks like its been cleaned up and there a piles of new ties. I guess we'll see some new track into the buildings and some new yard tracks. There were 3 or 4 boxcars with equipment being unloaded.
  by Missyg24
is there a place that has pictures of the town b4 PRR seized to exsisit? and CR days? I live in Linde and been wanting to head up that way for a long time.