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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by afboone
Was up in Newfoundland, New Jersey this weekend and stopped by the old train station there. Was surprised to see any of the equipment still there after 31 years.
Steve Boonstra
Project DL&W 565 volunteer manager
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  by afboone
And one more.........
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  by cjvrr
The Fairmont crane is a more recent addition. WIthin the last year or two. The new owner of the station has also added some track. I believe he plans to repaint most of the equipment.
  by blockline4180
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  by Uzi-Cat
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  by whippany
The former MCC coach heading to Whippany to operate with 4039 ? While this would be a most welcome addition, the Museum has not heard anything about this.
  by joe k
We here at the WRyM have not been contacted with any plans to bring the car back to Whippany for a MCC "reunion"

What condition is this car in??..........most of the former MCC coaches were demaged when the cars rolled into each other back in the 80's afther the MCC folded up.

This MCC car would be a nice added feature with the restored Jersey Coast we now use on the WRyM trains............see the WRyM web site
  by mikedc3
joe k wrote: most of the former MCC coaches were demaged when the cars rolled into each other back in the 80's afther the MCC folded up.
Hey Joe,
Can you give us more details on this?

Also, Did MCC have any wooden cars? I seem to recall a few smashed up coaches on their side in between the engine house and Green Pond Rd in the 88-90 time frame. It looked like they were broken up with a track hoe as there was track marks in the dirt around them. I think they may have been wood but just don't remember for sure.
  by dano23
When they scrapped a bunch of the equipment in Newfoundland in the 80's they moved most of the equipment down towards the old enginehouse by tying a rope to a pickup truck and pretty much gunned it till the coach rolled on its own. The only thing to stop the piece being moved was whatever piece was in front of it so it made for some "rough" hitches.
  by whippany
In reply to dano23, the actual "chain of events" (as related by the late NYS&W conductor John Treen) that ended in the scrapping of much of the MCC's equipment began in mid-August 1984. The Delaware Otsego System (who by then owned all the assets of the Morris County Central), moved the badly vandalised MCC coaches & cabooses out of the Newfoundland station east to the MCC's old Green Pond Enginehouse. This move was made in response to Jefferson Township's numerous complaints concerning the very unsightly rolling stock. The D.O. made the move with an over-size bucket-loader to move the cars down the line...one at a time...into Rockaway Township. A chain was fastened between the bucket loader and the west coupler of each car. The move of all the cars took several hours but there were no mishaps at that time.

In mid-1986, the MCC's ex-New York Central wood caboose # 19886 was sold to an individual from Honesdale, PA. The D.O. had to send a work crew up to Newfoundland to switch the caboose out of the standing line of derelict cars at the enginehouse. Remember, all this took place just before the NYS&W main was reopened over Sparta Mountain. Again, a bucket loader was used to make the switching moves...one car at a time.

The crew had to bring five coaches up to the station area in order to get to the NYC caboose. Once that was accomplished, and the caboose was safely set off on the run-around track alongside Bigelow Road, the crew then decided to bring ALL five coaches back to the enginehouse at the same time, in an effort to save work, etc. Everything was coupled together with the chain attached between loader and western most coach. The shove down the hill began. Once across Green Pond Road and mid-way through the MCC's former parking lot, the coaches picked up speed and began dragging the bucket loader, which no longer had control of the cars. The crew bailed off the machine. The cars broke free of the chain and picked up even more speed as they rolled along. The five coaches, weighing about 60 tons each rolled through the switch lined for the storage track next to the enginehouse. The coaches smashed into a line of standing cars and assorted equipment, including the MCC's open-air flatcars, at least one of which was completely severed from its trucks in the crash by having its bolster pins sheered off. A former CNJ weed-burner with its many flame-throwing "arms" was completely destroyed, and quite resembled a squashed bug. Had that switch been lined one way or another, the cars would have either simply continued rolling down the main until they stopped, or in another event, the coaches would have smashed through the enginehouse doors, running head-on into either MCC steam locomotive 385 or 4039.

All five of the coaches were extensively damaged. They suffered major structural and frame defects...the floors inside each car were raised in several places, with huge cracks in the concrete floors. A good portion of the enginehouse wall was ripped down in the crash as well. Beginning in 1988, the D.O. scrapped the freight and passenger cars that were involved in the wreck, except for the PRR caboose and coach # 1001. 1001 had the least amount of damage as it was the west (last) car in the line of runaways. It appeared to only have damage to its steps which were later straightened. No clue as to any frame damage.

The cars that were scrapped during 1988 included the 3 open-air flat cars # 455, 1610 & 2309; Restroom Caboose (NYC) 18441; Morristown & Erie wood Caboose # 3 (ex-Erie RR); Snack Car (CNJ coach) 910; and MCC (ex-CNJ) coaches 1002, 1153 & 1205.
  by dano23
Was just looking through some old videos. The snack car and the 2 cabeese and an insulated boxcar were still in Newfoundland in 89. They were fowling the switches for the enginehouse and had to be shoved east in order to get the 385 out.
  by R92
I visited the Newfoundland Station one weekend with my Mom and Dad in the early 1980s. The trains were not running at the time, but I remember the on-site boxcar was open, staffed with a volunteer and there was a large Lionel layout built inside. Being 5 or 6 years old at the time, I thought this was the best thing ever and still remember to this day climbing the wooden staircase up to the big green boxcar and being amazed at what was inside! Does anyone know what became of that layout?
  by whippany
PVTM 19 Newfoundland July 1980 JT.JPG
You mean this layout ? It was dismantled / scrapped when everything was moved to Whippany in late-1983.
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  by R92
Yes! That's it! Thanks for posting the pictures - a nice trip down memory lane!