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  by GP-30Kid
Does anyone happen to know what towers are remaining or still standing on the Pennsy mainline between Enola (rockville) and Pittsburgh. Some examples include Jacks, View, Port, Spruce Creek, Hunt, etc.
  by jgallaway81
As an engineer on the Pittsburgh Division, they are (from Harrisburg)

Harris - Owned by the HBG NHRS Chapter & appears in very good condition.
Hunt - Owned by a local historical society & appears in fairly decent shape.
Alto - Owned by Norfolk Southern & is in service controlling the Altoona area interlockings. Rumor has shutdown late 2011/early 2012.
MG - Located on grade above Horseshoe Curve. Only way to view is by tresspassing on railroad property. STAY AWAY.
AR - Located on the south side of Gallitzin on track one & in very poor shape. I'd be surprised if it lasts much longer before NS raizes it for safety.
AO - A small squat wood building just east of Johnstown. Not much to see. Sister building at SO torched by local vagrants in 2007-ish.
East Conway - Located at east end of Conway Yard on railroad property. VERY DANGEROUS location. Decommissioned in 2008/9 - control transfered to Conway Terminal Dispatcher.
  by Missyg24
Harris- Harrisburg
State- Harrisburg also