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  by mtuandrew
NorthWest wrote:That is true, we really need to be able to examine the unit in person to figure all of this out. I think the RP talk is similar uninformed speculation. Especially since the plow will probably be used with trailing units, it may simply need to move itself around terminals and wyes and only one motor would be needed.

It would be nice to have someone familiar with the unit to comment. I'm amazed that it has flown under the radar for so long.
I'd have guessed it'd move itself for positioning, but be coupled to another locomotive for plowing. Would be nice to have someone in the plant though, yup. Looks like they've been working with rotaries for a while too: http://www.relcolocomotives.com/index_f ... otives.htm" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; (Also, are those F-units in the background of that photo?)
  by Backshophoss
Looks like a pair of ex CP B units,with the big winter hatch installed in that pic.
When Steam Rotaries were converted,the RR's ripped out the steam boilers and drive parts,
and placed 4 traction motors in the shell to power the wheel and 2 sets of controls,1 set controlled
the unit used to power the rotary's motors,and the 2nd set,the units pushing the plow.

That RSP38-2 likely has 6 motors,3 to spin the rotary wheel,then 3 motors in the HTC truck,will still need "pushers"
along when plowing in heavy snow
  by NorthWest
Thanks for that information, Backshophoss.

I suspect that the HTC-R is there primarily to keep axle loads at a reasonable level. The weight of the plow combined with the forces it generates when rotating are likely considerable. I'd think that the Blomberg would have traction motors, with four to power the blade.