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this past tuesday 5'30 pm at church avenue on the f line
there was the garbage train 1 r-127, 3 yellow flats and 2 red birds
still with #7 and main street destination signs
didnt get there numbers but got off 3 pictures of them,
this is the second time ive seen this matchup

good luck john tricarico brooklyn ny

  by 7 Train
Those are likely R33WF's in the 932x-933x-934x range. They are based at Corona and other yards throughout the system. That's why you may have seen the 7.

  by Robert Paniagua
Oh brother, I hope the those Redbirds can be used for the public to fantrip on them once again after the wash the interiour of those three cars, unless they removed the interiour parts and seats.
  by chuchubob
This Redbird garbage train was photographed by John Villanueva on the Culver Line on July 25: http://www.subwayspot.com/images/subway ... Culver.jpg

I also saw the train, but wasn't in a position to get a decent photo. I wouldn't have gotten this good a photo, anyway.
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  by 7 Train
What where the numbers on the Redbird garbage train?

  by Robert Paniagua
I couldn't tell by the angle in which the picture was taken, but it was definitely an R33 or R36 Line 7 train consist.

ill have the cars numbers tonight
i caught 3 good shots 2 weeks ago at church avenue
and there they were sunday at avenue n station on the f line
when the fan trip was just about to pass by
by the way was anyone on that trip
if you were and in the late afternoon you saw someone
waving to you from avenue m and east 2nd street in the
middle of the street as you passed by it was me

have a great day john t brooklyn ny

it was me