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  by Irish Chieftain
Just looks like the doors are open to me.

Possible that at least one of them will get restored to "graffiti-era" silver with blue stripe?

  by GP38
With much of the TM fleet out for MOD trips and Notalgia Transit Museum trips over the last few weeks, they must have added a few of the old redbirds to the TM so that visitors to the TM wouldn't be totally disappointed if there were empty spaces on the tracks in the station.
  by BMT
Me thinks that's the set of Redbirds that a particular railway museum will be getting later sometime this year....I know the museum, but I am SWORN to secrecy...And yes, they were placed in the museum so that there wouldn't be alot of empty spaces when the museum fleet of vintage IRT cars goes out 'on the road'.

  by 7 Train
9010-11 were repainted silver/blue in April.

  by Robert Paniagua
So, do 9068-69 as pictured there have its doors? I hope so, so that if NYCT wants to use them for Fantrips, they can. Glad to see that NYCT has a 10-car train worth of Redbirds, with those other 8 cars from the Flushing Division and then these two.

  by 7 Train
8 cars from the Flushing (IRT Queensboro) division? There are about 16-20 R36's from the 7 around, plus 58 R33ML active roster cars, so there are more than 10 Redbirds and 8 IRT Queensboro division cars.