• Reading/LVRR Yard in Catasaqua, PA

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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by carajul
Can anyone give me info on the yard that used to be in Catasaqua, PA along the LVRR mainline. It's where the LV, LNE, Ironton, and RDG interchanged. I'd like to know when/why it was abandoned and what it was used for. From Mike Bednar's book it seemed to be pretty substantial in size. I'd also like to know where I can get good pics of the yard in the later years. There is nothing there now but weeks and ghost signals. My buddy told me that CR was still using it in the 1970s but I doubt it.
  by IRN750
Most of the Reading yard was torn out in 1965/66 except 2 tracks between Water St. and Eberhardt Rd. These tracks weren;t torn out until about 1983/4 The LV yard was in 2 locations its lower yard which was located near that old signal you seen was torn out in the mid 60s this yard was used for interchange between the LV and LNE and the Rdg. the LV lower yard only had about 4 tracks. The LV yard that they used to interchange with the Ironton Railroad was know as Biery Yard and was located across the creek which runs along Eberhardt Road.This yard had about 15 tracks. Most of this yard was torn out i the early 70's except for 3 tracks which were there until the former Ironton was torn out in the mid 80's these yards were used mostly for interchange and switching of cement from various cement mills in Coplay, Egypt, and Cementon. The site of Biery Yard is now part of the Ironton Rail Trail owned by Whitehall Twp. The site of the Reading yard is now occupied by warehouses. The LV main thru Catty was used into the early 80's and the the former Ironton was also used until around 1983 The bridges that carried the yard lead to Biery Yard over Water St. plus the LV Main have been removed Hope this helps answer some of your questions