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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by RR_Fan
Hey everyone,
The R&N MCPN-30 with the #3054 derailed 1 boxcar today just South of Miller's Crossing which is North of Port Clinton. The derailment happened around 4:15 PM. The MCPN left the last 5 cars of the train there at Millers. They left the 5th car in from the end of the train to support the derailed car which was 4th from the end. An MofW Forman got an Out Of Service between "Zehners" and "Clint" in order to fix up the boxcar and track. The "Cressona Job" went to Miller's to relieve the MCPN's crew. More to come...

Take Care.

  by rushhour
Thanks for he update jeff :D

How long will it take them? A few hours at the most?

  by RR_Fan
I think the car has been rerailed already. The MofW crews headed out right after the derailment. Thats R&N's Cooperation at its finest! :)

Take Care.

  by Prof John Frink
On a humorous note:

If the derailment happened on a certain day it was known as F.M.F.

Some of you RN employees may remember what this meant.

"You'll need to fill out an U.O.R. when you get back to PN on the PNFJ, because its F.M.F."

U.O.R. stands for Unusual Occurance Report, but on some occasions it
could of stood for Usual Occurance Report.

Ah, those memories of the derailments.


  by RDG Mallet
Welcome back, Frinky :D

Ah yes. the infamous FMF. UORs: if I only had a dollar for every one of those I filled out... :wink:



  by RR_Fan
LOL! All these former or current R&N employees. Mike and Cr**g you guys kill me LOL! I like the "Usual Occurrence Report" LOL! :D :D :D