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General discussion about locomotives, rolling stock, and equipment

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  by Otto Vondrak
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  by John_Perkowski
If it’s above the rails, or if it’s in the shops , by the fuel rack, or near the roundhouse, it’s fair game for this forum :-D

If it’s purely a matter of one of the specified builders, I’ll move your message to the right Forum, but I will leave a shadow topic behind

Please follow the Mike, Otto, and Jessy’s general rules for Railroad.net. This place works much better when we all do that.

There are two specific rules for this Forum:

- Please Foam Responsibly. It’s about your safety. It’s about the safety of T/E crews, shop forces, and railroad police.

- Please think before you post about actions which break railroad rules, or where employees broke railroad rules. I know at least two readers of railroad.net who work for the Surface Transportation Board. They have an obligation to report discovered knowledge of unsafe practices.

With that, a little about me:

I’m principally a passenger railfan. I love passenger equipment. HW, LW, Pullman, Budd, or Siemens, it makes no difference. My interests lie first with the Union Pacific, because as a child I was able to take Trains 9 and 10, the City of Saint Louis, to see my grandparents in Abilene, KS. I also have a passing interest in the Southern Pacific, the Burbank Junction branch line ran next to my subdivision as a youngster. I remember the daily locals as well as the occasional diverted Daylight or Lark. Sadly, this track has been ripped up. You will also find me on Tom Madden’s Passenger Car List group.

I also enjoy the historic Santa Fe, as well as the current BNSF. I daily drive to work along the route of the Pioneer Zephyr from Kansas City to Lincoln NE. I see a lot of MOW equipment at the East Leavenworth siding. As I write this a Herzog custom job (a 5 doublestack articulated set with some form of Diesel over Blomberg trucks one one end, and a cab on a flat on the other end) is working cleanup from the old entry into the Leavenworth, KS wye. Daily, I see coal unit trains with distributed power (two days ago both fore and aft had two units each), grain drags Southbound and fast moving empties Northbound, KCS trackage rights runs, and business trains.

Finally, I love spending time down by Kansas City Union Station. Tracks 27 and 28 there have become PV house tracks; as I write this there's an eclectic set of historic passenger equipment operating from them.

Oh ... my money and my son attend Mizzou. :wink:

With that, all aboard! :-D
  by John_Perkowski
It's been a long time, but I'm going to add a guideline:

Please, let your comment add value to the discussion. Comments that just fill white space don't help the conversation. If you think a photo is ugly, say why, please, as just one example.

Thanks to all of you for making this Forum the easiest on all of Railroad.net