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Discussion about RDC's, "doodlebugs," gas-electrics, etc.
  by clehman
Hello - this is the first time I've used this section of Railroad.net - I'm a regular on the NYC section. I have been unable to locate the floor plan for a typical (as built or NYC) RDC-3. I have the floor plans for RDC-1, RDC-2, & RDC-4. Does anyone know where I can obtain the floor plan of an RDC-3? I have the book "Doodlebug Country" which has the floor plan of a Rock Island RDC-3 on page 60, but this does not look typical, as the large side doors seem to be blocked off and the entire front end is an RPO, with no baggage section. I've been considering purchasing the book "RDC: the Budd Rail Diesel Car," but have put it off because I don't know if this book contains floor plans. Does anyone know? Thank you in advance for any help you can be - it's really appreciated.

  by DutchRailnut
they have floor plans in Chuck Crouse's RDC story by weekend chief publishing (516)741-4047.
isbn 0-9612614-2-1