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  by UPRR engineer
I've heard the UP is slowly pulling away from it? Any other Class one's doing it? Some of our switchmen are having problems with the licencing department and all the things dealing with having to be certified to move the switch engine. I dont know if thats part of the problem, and how much of a problem it is for the railroad. Who knows how it works in big yards like North Platte.
One thing i looked for that was gonna tell me they were totally committed to keeping RCL around was seeing new motors showing up on the property remote ready. That hasnt happened yet. Maybe the rumors are true.

  by GN 599
In my small terminal we have had guys who couldnt hold a road job and were marked up on the switchmans extra board but didn't have to work because they couldn'g get their liscense signed. In the bigger terminals where I have worked like Portland/Vancouver and Pasco have only a hand full of remote jobs. In Portland/Vancouver they didnt work because alot of jobs work across the terminal which takes a while most days anyway. In the yards they didnt work because they couldnt get the inbound trains switched out and the outbound's built fast enough. The North lead and South lead jobs are the only ones that have remotes. In Pasco it was kinda the same scenario, there are a couple of hump jobs that use them and thats it. I think in alot of places they were in a rush to implement them so they didnt do a good study to find out where they will work and where they won't

Increased accidents/collisions, and decreased productivity/velocity. So, what's the problem? :P

  by route_rock
UP heard the same thing here at the Big New Super (fill in the f yourself it sure aint FAST) railway. Heard Pasco dumped em Denver terminal as well. Also when looking up div gen notices I saw where Argentine yard was having engineers bid on jobs that were once remote.
Now the rumor here is that once the term sup takes off the remotes ( except on the hump ) go with him.
Velocity is the big new word most managers cant pronounce here, so with the remotes struggling to pull out a train from three days ago, and nothing moving as fast as the higher ups want what would one expect. I think they will all go softly into that dark night as BNSF has been dumping Canac stock lately.
We can only hope soon!

Big New Santa Fe ? :P

  by route_rock
Fe? Naw sounds like truck lol! Chicago has been dumping them remotes as well G town cant be far behind.