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  by finsuburbia
Does anyone know the history of this bridge? Are the spans across the river concrete all the way through or are they stone like the spans over land and covered with concrete because of repairs?
Buy PRR Triumph V (NY Division), by Roberts and Messer, and all you questions about this bridge will be answered.

  by timz
I've always wondered when that concrete was added to the bridge-- Triumph V has a pic showing the concrete in 1953 (it says), but I don't remember any mention in Rwy Age of when it was done. Maybe a closer look at their year-end lists of construction projects would show it.

There aren't that many published pics from before 1953, but it must have been just stone for a few decades.

You probably want to have Triumph V if you're interested in the NY Division, but aside from that pic it won't answer this question.

(Forgot about http://historicaerials.com -- the 1947 pic there shows the concrete only on part of the bridge.)