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  by truman
Found this book about the life of a Pennsy engineer that lived in Ralston and worked 45 years between Williamsport and Snedeckerville.
Whats left of this branch today?

  by Aa3rt
truman-Is the title of this book "Set Up Running" by John W. Orr? If so, you're referring to the PRR's Elmira Branch which was heavily damaged (leading to abandonment) by Hurricane Agnes in June 1972.

A good reference (if you can find it) is the "Pennsylvania Railroad's Elmira Branch" by Bill Caloroso.

  by truman
AA3RT, yes thats the book. A little long winded but fascinating none the less. Sorry to hear the branch was destroyed. Would have liked to gone down there to polk around see whats left.
  by Missyg24
Ralston has a sign where the RR bridge was, & u can see 1 of the supports on one side of the creek. other then that, nothing :( i drive Rt 14 million times