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  by RedLantern
Hey, I was going to make a thread to list alternative names for railroads (NS = Nazi Southern, UP = UnProfitable, BNSF = Buy Norfolk Southern Fast, etc.) but I found this wikipedia article that already has an extensive list of them.

If you know of any other good ones, add them to the wiki article, or post them here an I'll add them.
  by eddiebehr
D & RGW - Dangerous and Rapidly Growing Worse
Erie - Weary Erie
Sumpter Valley - Polygamy Central
  by Duncan McGuyver

  by 130MM
A few of my favorites (I'm sure every RR had a nickname of the sort):

DL&W = Delayed, Late & Waiting
PGE = Prince George Eventually
EL = Erie Lackofmoney
B&M - Bankrupt & Mismanaged
  by umtrr-author
The one that stands out as having made me laugh out loud (long before LOL was the accepted abbreviation) is:

NYS&W: Now You Sit and Wait
  by Gadfly
UP= Onion Specific

SCL= Slowboard Clothesline

CSX+ (slogan) "The Derailment Road) Because they put so many trains on the ground

NS+ Norf-ck Suckin' (almost unprintable)


  by ExCon90
Green Bay & Western: Grab Baggage and Walk
  by RedLantern
SLH = Slowly Losing Hope

BNSF = Better Not Send Freight

PanAm = Piss And Moan At Mellon

Providence & Worcester = Piss & Whistle
CSX = Crash Spill Xplode, Chicken S*** Xpress

NS = Nazi Southern, The Donkey

Amtrak = Amtrash, Amcrash, Slamtrak

BNSF = Buy Norfolk Southern First

UP = Uncle Pete
  by 3rdrail
The Lake Shore Limited= The Late for Sure Limited.
  by CarterB
NYO&W "Old Woman" or "Old & Weary"
Amtrak "Anthrax"
Southern Pacific "Slow Poke"
Reader RR "Possum Trot"
Algoma Central "Agony Central"
Santa Fe "All Tonnage and Slow Freight"
CSX 'Crashed, Smashed & eXploded"
CN " Certainly No Rush "
CN/IC " Certainly No Rush-Idiotic Chaos
CNW "Chicago & NorWegians"
Milw "C'Mon Stop Praying and Push
CSS&SB "The Vomit Comet "
D&H "Delay and Hesitate "
DL&W "Delay Linger and Wait "
D&RGW "Dangerous and Rapidly Getting Worse "
FEC "For Elderly Citizens "
GM&O "Grease, Mud and Oil "
LIRR "Long Island Snail Road "
MTA "Money Thrown Away "
NJT "New Jersey Rancid"
NYS&W "Now You Sit and Wait"
NYNH&H "Not Yet No How and Hopeless "
PennCent "Penniless Central"
P&LE "Pissed off and Left Early "
RF&P "Rich Folks and Pedigrees "
Septa "Society for the Elimination of Passenger Trains Altogether "
SOO "Slow Old Obsolete "
SIRT "Staten Island Rotten Transit"
TP&W "Take Pity and Walk "
  by RedLantern
3rdrail wrote:The Lake Shore Limited= The Late for Sure Limited.
I forgot about AmTruck route names, like the Crashella.
  by butts260
B&M = Broken and Maimed
NYNH&H = No Use, No Hope and Helpless
  by Gilbert B Norman
Lest we incssantly bash railroads, we should note our friends in the sky have a few as well:

United - Usually; Always, Late; Untied

Eastern - We Hate Eastern AirLines

America West - America Worst

Northwest -Northworst

US Airways - USScare

And the best for last

TAP (Transportes Aéreos Portugueses) - Take Another Plane
  by David Benton
there is a railway in switzerland , whose real name , or anacroym , is fart .