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  by mkirsch
Started at 9AM EST.

Scintillating television for most, but some hard-core railfans might be interested.

This is a 5 hour "real time" trip up the Alaska railroad as viewed from the nose of the lead engine. No drama. No voiceovers. Just a view of the track.
  by Backshophoss
Would have been nice if you hear the Defect Detector reports.
Are all the Shelters at Denali Park depot site built by the cruise ship companies?
  by svobronco
What's the early diesel loco north of Talkeetna on the left side of the rails?
  by jogden
The Denali Park shelters have been built at different times by Alaska Railroad. Different ones are used by some of the tour operators that funnel passengers to the railroad.

North of Talkeetna, more specifically, at Curry, there is an old yard track that has a caboose, a couple of freight cars, and a rotary snow plow. Those are landlocked, the switch and majority of the track leading to them was pulled up years ago. Without watching the the video, I am not sure what other old equipment could be north of Talkeetna, there was nothing else when I went by there yesterday afternoon.