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  by AirborneHokie
Hello everyone. Newbie here and I'm hoping to find a handbrake expert, or at least be guided in the right direction.

On every single railcar there is a handbrake that uses either 3/8" or 1/2" chain, which I believe to be either grade 80 or grade 100 but I've yet to confirm that. I was looking at replacement pieces of this chain and noted specific markings on barrels of some of the links. One of the sizes of chain (3/8" I believe) had a "slit" on each link, which I found to be particularly odd.

My question is, who makes this chain? I know who manufacturers the handbrake assemblies but I also know they aren't the ones making the chain. Coming from the rigging industry (think heavy lifting not theatrical) I know of only a handful of manufacturers who make overhead lifting chain. I've submitted pictures of the markings on these chains, but thus far I've yet to get confirmation from any of them that they are the manufacturer.

I realize it's kinda an off the wall topic, but any help you guys care to give is much appreciated!