• Rail train north from Croton to Selkirk 4/10

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by Otto Vondrak
CSX hauled a rail train today north on the Hudson Line (I think it was W-930), three engines plus the rail train, which looked like they belonged to a private owner. Train headed north around 2:00 pm today, headed for Selkirk.

Didn't Conrail have their own rail train? Doesn't CSX have their own? Why the private-owner cars?

  by rnetzlof
Conrail did have a rail train. I'm certain, since I once saw it in North Central PA. That's not to say they had only one, it's also not to say that the one I saw still exists.

As to private owner rail train, might it be that CSX was simply moving a rail train from some welding plant to some place where the Gimpleton Air Line Railway (or whatever) was going to have rail installed by that private company?

I recall some years ago a Canadian National rail train showed up in the B&P yard in DuBois, PA. It turned out that B&P had purchased a few miles of rail from CN, who were taking up an abandoned line somewhere in Canada. CN had shipped it on their rail train (how else?) and allowed B&P to keep the train for a month or so while they dispensed the rail along their lines.

It was said that CN had instructed B&P "be sure it's empty when you send it back". Seeing some of the rail, I could understand why B&P might have been tempted to send it back.

We saw it yesterday also..approx. 3:30 pm I believe though. Heading Northbound..3 Engines a Patched Conrail..1 Bright Future CSX and 1 Reg CSX...looked to be approx. 20 -30 cars on Amtrak/ MTN side at Bear Mountain. Def an unexpected site!!!! Will have a pic posted here later today after Easter Egg Hunting..lol

David & Gang

  by charlie6017
Last fall I believe, I saw a CSX rail train go by CP 382 and head east on the West Shore. I have a pic somewhere..........an old GP was the sole power. I will check and follow-up, although it may be later in the week after I come back from camping! :wink:
  by roee
blackhawk wrote:If anyone is interested in seeing a pic of the CSX train that was northbound on the Amtrak side of the river line through Bear Mountain ...
blackhawk, just for reference, the "Amtrak" side or east side is the Hudson Line, and the west side is the River Line.

Nice pictures.


  by Otto Vondrak

Nice shot of the 4/10 rail train on the Hudson Line! Been taking pictures long?


  by blackhawk

Ive only been taking pics of trains for about a year. I really enjoy it.
When I get upstate to take some more pics I'll post them.



  by nysw3636
Rail train went to the NYS&W and will be used on their Southern Division...