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  by 4400Washboard
There is at least one more R62A on the 7 line with an RFW-Car # 2030.

Here's the freaky thing...

Back when the 7 trains were getting the LED green/red local/express techno stuff installed, 2030 was the last car I was on that did not have the LED signage installed.

So 2030 is now the last car I've been on with an RFW on the 7 train and the last car I was on without the new LED crap.

Does the Transit museum take requests for what cars to preserve? Anyone with info, please answer ASAP!
  by Head-end View
Do you mean a RFW on the Manhattan end?
  by 4400Washboard
RFW on the Flushing side (the train was a flushing bound local)