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  by runningwithscalpels
I was told by two separate people who actually know what's going into the Rockaways trip to most definitely get tickets to that.
  by R36 Combine Coach
And now back to the original topic, the R36:

Here's the original turquoise livery on 9587, at the #1 cab door. Just scrape off all the beige interior plaint and it'll look like 9306 (minus the overhead AC units).
  by 4400Washboard
2 things:

1. I love it when old paint schemes peek above new ones-Theres something about that, that makes me feel good i dont know what it is though

2. When was the last turquose-cream R33WF/36WF painted white, red, etc.? the last photo I've seen was in the early 1980s and they looked horrible (covered with grime, dirt and who knows what else)
  by R36 Combine Coach
The first all white cars on the 7 began appearing in late 1981, along with razor wire fencing and guard dogs at Corona Yard. Apparently this worked, as the 7 cars remained more or less clean, compared to the Bronx Main Lines.

The first "Gunn Red" (later Redbird) cars began appearing on the Flushing Line in Autumn 1984. White cars remained, with the white cars lasted into 1985-1986 and some clean white cars perhaps lasting as late as 1987.

Some photos of the era:

First red R36s at Corona, autumn 1984
Corona, mostly white, 1984
Corona, autumn 1984
9377 at Woodside, autumn 1984
Newly painted 9641, 1985
9587 at 61 Street-Woodside, winter 1986-1987
9653 & 9337 at 61 Street-Woodside, winter 1986-1987
White R33/R36 train at 45 Road, 1986-87 (note 4/21/85 date is incorrect as the Hunters Point Plaza office building in background was completed in late '86)
Red R36s, 1987
Corona, all red, 1988

And a bonus video: white R36s and R62As testing on the 7, April 1985. Note the new Amfleet II coach passing under the R36.
  by 4400Washboard
Cool thanks R36 combine coach