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  by GojiMet86


R-32 subway cars are making their final trip, ending 58 years of service in New York City. Please join us to say farewell to this historic fleet.

R-32 Retirement Runs
Sundays, 10am to 5pm
December 19th and 26th, 2021 and January 2nd, 2022

Final Farewell Run
Sunday, January 9th, 2022, 10am – 6:30pm

Approximate Schedule for Sundays, December 19th, December 26th and January 2nd:

Departs 2nd Avenue Station on the F line at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, and 4pm, making all express stops to 145th Street Station on the D line.
Departs 145th Street Station on the D line at 11am, 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm, making all express stops to the 2nd Avenue Station on the F line.
Approximate Schedule for Final Farewell Runs on Sunday, January 9th:

Departs Brighton Beach Station on the Q line at 10am, 12:30pm, 3pm, 5:30pm, making express stops on the Brighton and Broadway Lines to 96th Street Station, via the Manhattan Bridge.
Departs 96th Street Station on the Q line at 11am, 1:30, 4pm, 6:30pm, making express stops on the Brighton and Broadway Lines to Brighton Beach Station, via the Manhattan Bridge.
Route and schedule subject to change at the discretion of the train crew.
  by Robert Paniagua
Looking forward to it! I would love to ride on these traincars, last thing from 1963 left since uphere in Boston, we retired our 01400-series Red Line trains too soon in 1994, so Ill try to catch a run!
GM: Thanks for posting the NYTM schedule for the R32 "Brightliner" Subway Cars.
Going to be looking to ride them on one of their last four Sundays in operation...

There is something that I recall that gets left out about these cars - that they were totally rebuilt during the
late 1980s by stripping the cars down to the Budd stainless steel body shell - with new and rehabilitated
components throughout. This was described then as (almost) a new subway car at a fraction of the price of
new equipment. There are plaques placed inside that read "Budd Company, Builder; Morrison-Knudsen
and/or NYC Transit Coney Island Shops, Rebuilders" (as I recall) in the upper left corner area near the end
doors. NYCT got more than 30 years more service out of these successful mid-life overhauls...MACTRAXX
  by GirlOnTheTrain
Unclear if the remaining weeks will run...lots of shenanigans transpired today with the train being pulled out of service and sent back to Coney Island early due to vandalism because a certain subset of people don't know how to act around trains.

If they end up cancelling the rest of the runs I wouldn't blame them in the slightest.
  by Head-end View
Not only that, but the escalating COVID concerns could prompt cancellation of the remaining runs.

What sort of misconduct happened today?
  by theMainer
According to Twitter:
- Tampered roll signs
- Pedo touching kids
- Mask-refusing people
- People assaulting each-other
- People smoking
- (Flag fell off)
There is photo and video evidence of a person smoking/vaping being thrown off the train as well as what appeared to be a homeless man being thrown off the train at the end of the line for refusing to leave.

As well as photo evidence of a broken seat and roll sign tampering, coinciding with reports of stolen posters and other general misconduct.
  by njtmnrrbuff
Yesterday’s behavior among some of the people on the train was just downright retarded. Tampering with the roll signs is a no no. If you want to get those, then consult the transit agency gift shop. Pedos touching kids-not a very smart move and people like that need very serious help. Fortunately I didn’t any of the behaviors mentioned. It’s a train people-it doesn’t require extreme immature and sick behavior.
  by GojiMet86
The NYTM will continue holding the retirement runs. An official statement from the New York Transit Museum:

https://www.reddit.com/r/nycrail/commen ... it_museum/
Official Statement from New York Transit Museum Director on the R-32 Retirement Runs

After more than twenty months without a vintage train ride, the New York Transit Museum working closely with the MTA was proud and delighted to help bring forward an opportunity to return to the rails and to pay tribute to an iconic moment with the retirement of the R-32s.

While the vast majority of riders and railfans enjoyed themselves this past Sunday, December 19th, unfortunately, the day was marred by acts of vandalism, aggression, foul language and generally unruly behavior.

Because we know people are traveling from places near and far to take part in these retirement runs - and further because we firmly believe that the acts, however egregious, of a few should not negatively impact the majority of riders, we are going forward with the scheduled runs for Sunday, December 26th, 2021.

Please note the following:

If at any time, for any reason the train crew deems it necessary to take the train out of service, they will do so immediately and all future retirement runs of the R32s will be canceled.

If you destroy something on a vintage train, you are not- in fact- a railfan- you are a vandal and a criminal and will be treated as such. Accordingly, all acts of vandalism, harassment of train crew members and other inappropriate behavior, will be referred to the authorities for response, up to and including arrest and prosecution.

To honor the legacy of the men and women who made it their life's work to preserve NYC transit history, and our colleagues who continue to keep this city moving, the New York Transit Museum has worked hard to be able to provide these experiences for nothing more than the swipe of a fare card. And, if we can no longer ensure a safe and fun day for everyone, we will move to a system where all future vintage excursions are restricted and ticketed events.

We ask the many true railfans and subway enthusiasts in this community to join us in condemning this behavior and invite you to ride the rails on Sunday, and everyday, safely and respectfully.

Thank you,

Concetta Anne Bencivenga
New York Transit Museum
  by njtmnrrbuff
It's great that both the NYCMTA and the museum decided to continue the rest of the runs. However, the behaviors that were displayed last Sunday will not be tolerated. Those fans who chose to tamper with devices and steal things off the train are part of the reason why personnel are very reluctant to run these trains for railfans. In fact, not only will railfans be riding the Farewell to the R32 trains. These trains are also available for the nonrailfan population to use. This is a great way to travel from many places in Manhattan along the west side to visit the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.

It's possible that I might ride and follow the train around again this coming Sunday. By the way, even if these special excursions were to require a special ticket and reservation going forward, that will still not be the worst thing in the world. Many transit agencies that run special railfan excursions require the fans on the excursion to may a specific fare for the excursion. The current fare to travel on the R32 excursion the entire day is considered a bargain. There were people who were underground nonstop last Sunday and certainly got their money's worth. I was underground a lot of the day but had to interrupt my railfanning of the R32 set to grab lunch.
  by photobug56
Beyond disgusting. I'd be in favor of reservations and tickets. Sadly, I can't get in for it, but I support the museum and appreciate that the TA is running the trains.
  by STrRedWolf
photobug56 wrote: Fri Dec 24, 2021 2:44 pm Beyond disgusting. I'd be in favor of reservations and tickets. Sadly, I can't get in for it, but I support the museum and appreciate that the TA is running the trains.
Would the TA museum spring for a few terminals along accessible lines? It sounds like they'd have to make some museum stations.
  by njtmnrrbuff
I was thinking that if in any event that any of the Farewell Excursions to the R32s get cancelled because of the same very obnoxious and dangerous behaviors that were displayed last Sunday, I think the NYCMTA and the museum should just have a final farewell excursion sometime this Spring staying outdoors in Brooklyn. Maybe look into starting it in Coney Island and then having it follow the Brighton Line to one of the stations in Downtown BK that is shared with the A and C trains and then follow the line that runs to the Rockaway Peninsula and make plenty of photo stops there. Charge a fee for riding this excursion.
  by Allan
The remaining Sunday tours may be cancelled.

I saw posted on another board that a number of the cars were heavily graffitied and the some on the interiors were severely vandalized while the train was laid up on track 20 in Coney Island yard.

If I can get more info I'll post it. If anyone else gets more info, please post it.

It wouldn't surprise me if this was done in response to the reaction shown by the TA and TM from the actions on the first run in December.
  by njtmnrrbuff
I saw the post on subchat and from what I read, it sounded like the damage was significant. Vandalism anywhere on the train is not acceptable at all. While the second week of the R32 excursions was better than the first, there was one minor vandalism event involving somebody spraying something to the exterior of the R32 train. Both the MTA and the museum will probably take every incident of vandalism into account. As much as I really want to see the excursions of the R32s continue this Sunday, I'm afraid to say that if I were the MTA and the museum, I would call the excursions off because of the continuous vandalism. Plus remember, we are still in a national health crisis. The Omicron variants are out of whack right now and the cases are going in the wrong direction. This is really not the time to be hosting a subway excursion that travels mostly underground.