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  by L'mont
I'm a daily A/C rider and while I know it's not unusual to see R-32s and R-46s on either service, it does seem to be happening more frequently. To be more specific, I have been seen R-46s in C train service much more frequently and even an increase in the occasional R-32 in A train service.

Any cause for this or is it all random?
  by BobLI
I have noticed the same thing this past week, especially from Mott Ave. Far Rockaway.
When coming from Brooklyn you do have to read the signs on the train more carefully, as the R43 CAN be a C train! Yikes its a local!
  by railfan365
I've been noticing and wondering the same thing. I think that this would be related to another thread here - the one about R-68's on the G line, after years of the G being served exclusively by R-46's. It was speculated there that that move would be to free up R-46's for the A/C. I'm wondering if the ranks of the last 240 R-32's are being diminished prior to the arrival of the R-79's.
  by lilbluefoxie
Its due to the R32s having air conditioner trouble in the heat of summer. Thats how the (C) wound up with 46s, and the 32s are on the (A) because the R32 Air conditioning units supposedly work better outdoors.