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  by salminkarkku
When the B&O bought the Fairport to Youngstown n.g. line in 1886, it set about converting the DeForest Junction to Fairport portion to s.g. The remaining 11m to the terminal at Youngstown (Ryan St) was left unconverted, and B&O organized a subsidiary to run it called the "Trumbull & Mahoning". As far as I can tell, it only operated for a couple of months (if that) before B&O decided to junk it.

I guess that most of the route was taken up by later lines, but can anybody say where it ran, especially where its Youngstown terminal was? There is now Ryan Street in the city anymore.

  by BaltOhio
The go-to guy for this is Frank Vollhardt, Jr., in Warren. He sketched me a map of the abandoned n.g. route years ago. I'll give you his e-mail address off-line.

The northern end of the old line ran south between the Erie and original P&W/B&O mainline from DeForest Jct., then swung west to cross the river just west of where the Erie's Lisbon branch crossed. It then proceeded SE, meeting the later B&O mainline west of Ohio Jct., in the middle of the later U.S.Steel plant at MacDonald. I'm not sure where it went at the Youngstown end -- Frank can probably help on that. Parts of the line were used as industrial spurs, including a short piece south of DeForest Jct., but according to Frank the old n.g. grade is still visible (or was in 1984) from the south side of the river to the steel mill, and also in the area south of DeForest between the B&O and Erie grades.