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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by DonPevsner
There will be a special AMTRAK excursion train over VERY rare mileage
from Hoboken, NJ-Binghamton, NY and return, over the former Erie RR
mainline and Graham freight line, on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2004.
Train will depart Hoboken at 7:30AM and return there at 9:00PM due
to 25mph speed restriction on Delaware Division. Trainside catering
will be provided at passengers' own option at the old DL&W passenger
station parking-lot in Binghamton. CONSIST: Up to 13 AMFLEET I
70-seat coaches; 1 AMFLEET snack car; plus PV "NEW YORK CENTRAL 3"--
all being deadheaded from PHL 30th Street to Hoboken and back behind
two AMTRAK Genesis diesels. Tickets cost $185RT in Coach and $495RT
(just 13 seats available) on the "NYC 3", including 3 meals for PV-passengers only. INFORMATION AND TICKETS:
(a)ONLINE: www.ticketweb.com ; (b)TELEPHONE: (866)468-7619.
As this is probably the first passenger train west of Port Jervis all the way
to Binghamton since November 27, 1966, seats should go pretty fast.
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  by njt4172
Wow! Who is sponsoring this trip??? Is this M&E or Bennett Levin behind this??

Steve :D

  by BlockLine_4111
Was it TriState who ran the U34CH excursion to Susquehanna, PA in 1983 ?

  by Phase Gap

  by nick11a
No, this is real. Unfortunately it is too expensive for me at present.

  by Irish Chieftain
Yup, sure is up there in price, with tickets ranging from $185 to $495. Here's a page on TicketWeb.com with all the details. Six hours each way, so be prepared to make a full day of it if you decide to go.

  by njt4172
Looks like Concorde Spirit Tours is sponsoring the trip! Has anyone ever heard of this organization??? Do they take requests for future trips?? If so, how about Hoboken to Scranton via the Washington Secondary and the R&N through Jim Thorp, Pa!

Steve P.

  by TrainBill
I have a 3 1/2 minute 8mm film of that excursion doing a photo run by and also Susquehanna.

Train Bill

Was it TriState who ran the U34CH excursion to Susquehanna, PA in 1983 ?

  by james1787
Wow, price is a little high for me, but that sure would be a great trip to take!!

  by njt4172

It is a alittle high for most of us, but you only live once!!!!!

  by james1787
Excellent point! Being that it's the first time something like this has happened in 40 years.. might well be worth it.

  by cjvrr
If it comes to pass, I know I will be chasing it along with 100 other foamers.

Price is steep, but figure they need to cover the insurance costs with NS. Probably half the money or more is going straight to the insurance company.


  by Idiot Railfan
I was on the 1983 trip. It was sponsored by Tri-State through an organization called Railtours of America, which represented many non-profit organzations for insurance coverage. Then, as now, insurance was the big stumbling block.

It was a pretty cool trip. There was a great run-by on the east side of Gulf Summit. The funniest part was when the train arrived at the Susquehanna station, home of the Starrucca House bar and restaurant. The regulars at the bar were not expecting a train to pull up and deposit 1,000 people for an hour. (Although a good clue would have been the half-dozen septic tank pump trucks waiting to empty the train bathrooms!)

I think that trip was $45 in 1983. $185 seems a little stiff for this trip, especially since there is no kids' price and I would be bringing two with me if I went. Maybe if I get an extra paper route...

  by DonPevsner
CONCORDE SPIRIT TOURS is me: a lone Northeastern rail-buff transportation lawyer in Florida who decided to do it myself when
no one else could get to first-base. From 1985-2000, I was the
leading operator of ultra-deluxe Concorde SST luxury tours in the
USA. Sorry about the price, but AMTRAK is charging over $150 per
mile for the train! Need over 600 people to at least break-even, so
I hope everyone turns-out.

  by njt4172

Give Don a lot of credit for doing this!!! Most railroad historical societies can't even accomplish something like this because of all the high insurance costs and the extremly high costs of borrowing equipment, paying for crews, etc..... The railroad socities end up loosing money these days.....

If Mr. Pevsner gets at least 600 passengers then you will probably see more trips in the northeast in 2005...So get the word out to friends and familes.....Even though the price is a little steep, you only live once and you never know if you will be able to do ride this line again....So take the risk, I'm sure it will be well worth it!
I'm gonna buy tickets my self!

Steve P.
Denville, NJ