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General discussion related to all railroad clubs, museums, tourist and scenic lines. Generally this covers museums with static displays, museums that operate excursions, scenic lines that have museums, and so on. Check out the Tourist Railway Association (TRAIN) for more information.

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  by ERIE 360
Jubilee Road. Bridge hit was very real. Damage was also very real.
  by mst145

Whistle Stop Excursion:

E. Stroudsburg:
http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPi ... id=2218403

Nay Aug Tunnel:
http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPi ... id=2218405

Return Trip:

Myrtle Street crossing:
http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPi ... id=2218406

I-81 bridge in Dunmore:
http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPi ... id=2218412

http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPi ... id=2218421

Pocono Summit:
http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPi ... id=2218425

Trolley Exiting the Crown Avenue Tunnel:
http://mst145.rrpicturearchives.net/sho ... id=2219046

Steamtown Railfest:

CSX 1318:
http://mst145.rrpicturearchives.net/sho ... id=2218735

NS 999:

http://mst145.rrpicturearchives.net/sho ... id=2218741

http://mst145.rrpicturearchives.net/sho ... id=2218754

CP 9143:
http://mst145.rrpicturearchives.net/sho ... id=2218991

CN 3254:
http://mst145.rrpicturearchives.net/sho ... id=2218751

http://mst145.rrpicturearchives.net/sho ... id=2218756

http://mst145.rrpicturearchives.net/sho ... id=2218928

CP 2317 on the turntable:

Big Boy Cab & Firebox:
http://mst145.rrpicturearchives.net/sho ... id=2218980

http://mst145.rrpicturearchives.net/sho ... id=2218983

DL&W 663 & 664:
http://mst145.rrpicturearchives.net/sho ... id=2218976

Amtrak 818 Cab Tour:
http://mst145.rrpicturearchives.net/sho ... id=2218465

http://mst145.rrpicturearchives.net/sho ... id=2218471


http://mst145.rrpicturearchives.net/sho ... id=2218469

http://mst145.rrpicturearchives.net/sho ... id=2218492

http://mst145.rrpicturearchives.net/sho ... id=2218497

http://mst145.rrpicturearchives.net/sho ... id=2218498

  by rwk
Yes, I was on that excursion to Delaware Water Gap. I, too felt "jipped" because steam was only used for 13 miles. I never rode beyond Pocono Summit before, I rode to Pocono Summit in August 1987 behind the same steam and in 1998, and Sept. 2001 a week before 9/11 attacks to Moscow and back. The Reading FP7 diesels I also rode behind from Emmaus last year and two years before that from Pennsburg. If steam were used all the way to DWG, what would have pulled the train back? Would they have run the steam in reverse pulling the train or have diesels along? Also, sad to see the East Stroudsburg station being razed. But, the main part might be saved and moved.
  by Schuylkill Valley
I'm a volunteer at Steamtown and I'm also the Co - Volunteer Lead of Project DL&W 565 . Here is what we goten done last year.
2009 Accompishments!
The fruits of your labor boys!

Pilot Truck

Lead wheel set, Frame, truck frame swivel fixture, truck equalizer bar, truck stabilizer frame

Flooring , Grate Shakers, Throttle Handel, long stem valves, Check valves, Sight glass, Window and door linkage, and our Carpenter will be working on our seat boxes over the winter in his workshop at home.

Front Driver Journals, Grease tension plates, and some Spring linkage, Pilot "Cow Catcher" is on track One waiting for sand blasting.
All of the Drive rod attachments found
Brake system
Cross bars, Air brake stand, ok this is where Steve's Air Force guy's come in They sand blasted and primer painted most all of the brake linkage for Chassis.

Smoke box cover, Steam dome, Aux. Steam dome, Hand Railing holders, Smoke box door clips, Marker light holders, Headlight, Fire box cross bars, Small Aux. Air pump, Pressure release valve. Oil cans shelf that mounts above the fire box doors.

Left Stirrup step Removed, Tender is now pushed back to the locomotive.

There have been other parts sand blasted and I'm not sure of their names and where they go on the locomotive.

Project 565 isn't a failed mission. the guy who wrote that artical has no idea of steamtown he's just a closed eye reporter like most are and reports on only the bad news and not the good.
  by Cosmo
first, let me send a hearty, Navy HOO-YAH to your Air Force guys! Nice work.
Second, let me commend you on your efforts. I can say from firsthand experience that no matter how many volunteers you have, restoring even a small locomotive is a BIG job! Please keep up the good work and know that many of us out here appreciate what you are doing there.
Hopefully I can make it down to PA this spring to see it all firsthand.
  by toolmaker
Len, Thank you very much for your resoration efforts. I visited Steamtown a couple times this year and enjoy the area very much. This was the first year I rode the trolley line.

  by Schuylkill Valley
Project 565 first workday of the winter was a great success!! Project Leader Steve Bonnstra of the USAF brought a crew up from McGuire Air Base and this is what they achieved.
" Our first winter workday was yesterday. We hot steamed "cooked" the front driver springs in the hot water machine, sandblasted one set, disassembled the links for the fronts springs and sandblasted them, and cut the stock for the new pins for the equalizer bar and radius arm. Also started removing the radius arm connection point on the chassis. The hole is elongated and we need to bore it and insert a bushing. "

Co - Volunteer Lead
  by Schuylkill Valley
This is just Two of the Steamtown Shop updates from 2009 & 2010.

November 12, 2009

Work is ongoing in shops not many changes since last update

DL&W 565 Project in full swing. The volunteers headed up by Mr. Leonard Shaner is sand blasting parts for 565 every time their here, on a workday. They also have started to store 565 parts in the Office building basement.

Great job guy's!

CN 3254
Changing out stoker motor
Work started on annual inspection including steam valve repairs to turret and stoker valves.

NP 514
Ready for Service.
92 day inspection recently completed

CP 2317
In Service
31 day inspection completed
Will run through season till December 5th.

BLW 26
Hammering crown stays complete
Painting of tender exterior work ongoing
Tender truck unit work ongoing
Rigid stays complete
Form 4 work complete and ready to send to FRA

Car Department

DL&W 589
Slated for restoration work this year
Received new elliptical springs for rebuilding of 4 truck units PMIS projects.
Ongoing work to truck units on weekends

B&M 3713
Stay bolt holes are being drilled in the door sheet.
Crown sheet ordered and delivered to Greiner industries for forming
Flexi-sleeves and rivet order complete and ready to pick up

Loco Shop
Work in planning stage to replace back shop, truck unit, and restoration shop #3 overhead cranes. Hoping to award contract by the end of year and have work completed in spring 2010
Received 8 new stoker table and 100 new finger grates castings for CN 3254 and CP 2317

Reading Tech society F-7 units on site to fill in for CP 2317 if needed.
CNJ F-3 units on site static display engines

Weld shop
The crane is installed. Minor electrical work left and ready to move in and begin welding BLW 26 journal boxes
Willie Sturdevant is the contact for the loco shop on weekends if anything comes up.

George Canavan

February 24, 2010
Loco shop/Operation Update

BLW 26
· Firebox crown stay seal welds in progress
· Turret valve is in place
· Driving boxes are being built up with weld and new bearings are being turned.
· Cross head alignment with guides in progress
· Tender buffer sill is being installed. Cistern shall be mounted to frame soon.
· Cistern is primed and ready for paint. We are installing safety appliances and bunker doors. It will be painted after truck units are under it.

CN 3254
· FRA visit to witness hydrostatic pressure test is March 19th.
· All repairs are complete and compliance work complete up to the point of putting a squeeze on it.
· We are waiting for tender wheels to come in to replace.
· Stoker motor reverser rebuilt
· Boiler check valves rebuilt and lapped
· Water pump and air pump thoroughly cleaned and serviced

Car Dept
· Steam Heat installation in 4 passenger cars near completion
· Rebuild of 2 DL&W truck units near completion
· DL&W 589 will have work done to it and will be painted using outside vendor
· 3 other passenger cars will be repaired and exteriors painted using outside vendors
· Over the next 2 years DL&W 346 will have clerestory window work, repairs and paint in house.

B&M 3713
· Developing AutoCAD drawings for the Thermic Syphons
· Completed fabricating a reinforcement plate for the throat sheet.
· Finalized material list to complete boiler repairs

DL&W 565
· VIPs continue to work on engine focusing on the lead truck right now.
· Crew was issued hand tools and tool box for use on this project
· Len Shaner Co Volunteer Lead and crew developed a new web site for the project at http://projectdlw565.webs.com
· Willard Sturdevant will be the parks point of contact for VIPs working on this project on weekends when the season begins.

Locomotive Shop
Asbestos Abatement on 27 pieces of equipment will begin in March. Expect the restoration shop area to be secured most of the time. They will be using the Hill track through track 3 to perform the work on the equipment. This project has been in the makings since the Mid 1990s and it is great to see it finally happen!

Replace 3 cranes project is still in administrative phase and should go out for bids any day now. The old back shop crane will be kept at the south end of the back shop and used as an interpretive tool. I believe it is the oldest crane in the park.

The King machine and wheel press located in the back shop will be operational soon.

Our upgraded weld shop is complete and up and running. Included in the upgrade are 2 downdraft weld tables, A Babbitt furnace, A TIG machine, A MIG machine, A plasma cutter, overhead draw fans, overhead crane, wall mounted 18 ft adjustable smoke eaters, new entrance and overhead doors, new air, water, and electric service, the windows were stabilized and or restored, and a complete paint job including encapsulation of lead based paint on ceiling.

George Canavan
Supervisory Exhibits Specialist
Steamtown National Historic Site
  by Schuylkill Valley
Here is the progress report for Project 565 from September 2010

Project 565 Progress Report for August 29 and September 4, 2010

Hello All,
I didn't do a report for workday 29Th. because of rail fest the next weekend , so now I'm reporting on both days.

On Sunday August 29Th. We had Tender wash day.
I spoke to Willy about having our tender move to stall 14 so we could was it, He said we would have to have it compleated before 2pm, because the 3254 was going to be put there for a boiler wash on Monday. He said he would move the tender in late morning for he had to move some locomotives around for rail fest displays for that next weekend.

So mean time Jim and I worked on the valve gear grease sliders picture in closed.

Jim and I removed this and Jim clean the channel out with the wire wheel brush and I clean the block with the parts cleaner over in the loco shop, We didn't get around to cleaning the rust off the blocks yet.

At 10:30 Am Willy let me know that they were ready to move our tender over to stall 14 for power washing, We started close to 11am. and we were all done by 1:30 Pm. We both took our lunch at 2 pm.
The tender is nice and clean, just a little surface rust showing.

After lunch Jim started on painting parts that were sand blasted at prier workdays and I was over sand blasting other parts for the piston housing. once i was done that, I join Jim in painting of the parts. We started to clean up around 3:30 Pm. when Mark Birtel came through and let us know we could stay a little longer, so we could set up for our display for rail fest the next weekend.
So we placed lights in the fire box and smoke box and one pointing into the tender. As photo shows.
Then we both left for the locker room.

Saturday September 4, 2010 was a mini workday as well as Rail Fest.
I got to steamtown around 7:30 am and got to work right a way I brought out the head light and had little mike help me place it in the smoke box floor and hook it up. It was a great hit to the tourist coming through they saw 565 with her head light lit , Next year we 'll have it mounted on the smoke box cover.
After placing the light in the smoke box I opened up the stall doors , The photographers that were out side around the turn table area all went " wow, he just open up the stall doors on 565" , this was neat to hear.
I under stood from a park ranger that this was only the second time that 565's stall doors were open for the Lackawanna Rail Fest. So we are making history. I know it was the first time in the history of Rail Fest, that her head light was lit.
Looking in from the turn table area.
Mr. O'brian walk over and told me how much he liked what we were doing with 565 , I ask if I could have a photo with him and the 565 , " he said sure" He's a very nice man , I first met Mr. O'Bian at the grand opening back in 1995. Oh how the years fly by.

Here is some responses from our fans from our Face book's page for Project 565.
" Jon Young Yes! Keep the pics coming. I show them to all my friends and everyone thinks what you guys are doing is so cool. "
"Mike Del Vecchio Gotta say, Len, that it's looking like an early 1900s tender again. Nice."

"Mark Zachary Yerkes i wish we could see her run again, but i understand Len's view on why she shouldn't"

"Robert John Davis There's no better life for a machine than an operating life. Give #565 time. These guys are doing what is needed now. Who knows what her future holds? ;-)"

" Jeff Terry Looks good!"

"Mark Lacari The eye of the locomotive. Its just saying "I'm watching progress""

That is just a hand full of what our fans have said about our project.
Over on our Web site we have had visitors from all over the world checking out our project. here is a list of what countries and places who have visit our site this year for far.

Out of the U.S.A. Visitors
2-23-2010 APO, AE, U.S.A Nigerla
1-28-2010 Germany
8-7-2010 Bremen,
8-8-2010 Tehran, Iran
Canada Cities
Abbotsford, Toronto, Newmarket, Kitchener, Etobicoke, Cochrane, Oakville , Montreal, Guelph
The United Kingdom
2-12-2010 Salford, 3-18-2010 Manchester, 3-23-2010 London,
Wellington, New Zealand 6 - 22 - 2010
7-15-2010 Brazil 7-16-2010 Melbourne , Australia
We had a Special Visitor 8-17-2010 Washington D.C. Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. I checked the IP No. and it came out to be him. So we thank you for taking time out and visiting our project web site, Sir.

We had a visit from the St. Louis County's Museum of Transportation 3-31-2010
We had a another visit from the St. Louis County's Museum of Transportation 6-23-2010
We had a another visit from the St. Louis County's Museum of Transportation 7-15-2010 this time from a office computer. Makes you wonder.

OK on to new business.
At our next workday Saturday September 18Th. we will have a special guest show his face, Our Leader Steve Boonestra.
So please if you can make the workday please do so you can meet Steve and find out what Ideas he has for Us. I will still be staying on as Co-Volunteer Lead.

Now on to the agenda for our next workday, I was talking to Matt via Internet the other night and he would like to start on the out side of the smoke box in cleaning with the air wire brush including the smoke stack. It's a break from the in side for now.

We also need to see about where we stand with the tender on when we can get it over to the shop to remove the body from the chassis. We can start on taking off the wooden beams on the front of the tender though.

We need to get a list together on what we need to get made for the Lead Truck and the Front Driver.

There still quite a bit of small parts to be painted rust converter and we also need to sand blast other small parts. Also there is a few larger parts that needs sand blasting, but we'll have to get to that later on when we have some one qualified for Respirator. those parts are Cow catcher , main air pump, a few large parts for in the smoke box, smoke box cover hand railing, and a few others I don't remember where they go.

Well that all for now.

Take care and God Bless,
Leonard F. Shaner, JR.
  by ricebrianrice
I remember hearing about this a year or so ago,
Once the fire was dropped from 2317 for the last time, the focus would be on getting the Baldwin #26 back in service, they finishing the restoration of B&M 3713.

Where does all this stand as of today?

CP 2317 is now out of service, correct?
Baldwin 26, Is this the main focus now?
B&M 3713, obviously is not complete, any new info?

So that leaves 3254 as the only operating steam locomotive.
  by Schuylkill Valley
Progress Report of 2010

The NRHS Convention, held in Scranton, attracted 817 registrants and possibly twice as many people to the area to watch, chase or ride on related railroad trips that week in June.

Both the ARHS and Tri-State Chapter repainted the last two operating F3 units to the Lackawanna Railroad freight scheme. No 663 spent some of the summer in the "grey ghost" scheme before maroon and gold striping were applied so she could match her mate 664. both are now on display at Steamtown NHS.

Reading Co. FP7s no 902 and 903 saw more mainline road action this year, in assisting some of the Steamtown excursions, including hauling most of the June 26 Delaware Water Gap excursion. Steam could not make the entire trip due to a "bridge strike" messing the track alignment just two days earlier.

Steamtown's Baldwin 26 0-6-0 switcher progressed enough in 2010 to see the front end tube sheet being riveted in place by year's end.

Other Steamtown work included taking 12 locomotives and 17 passenger cars into the loco. shop for removal of asbestos. This project has been in the NPS funding pipeline for nearly 10 years. Stimulus funds broke the ice to allow this work, making them safer. This also included new boiler jackets and other jacketing to be added. This improves their appearance to make them worthy of display next year.

Other Steamtown work included repairs to the DL&W sand dryer and elevator. Historic structures are more than just steel wheel on steel track.

Erie Lackawanna Dining Car Preservation Society adopted yet another DL&W Diner, and will make it available for use in Scranton in the near future.

On a sad note, at least six members of the Steamtown family passed away this year. Most notable would be Edward Miller, a founding member of the Lackawanna & Wyoming Valley Chapter and local railroad photographer since the mid 30s. Were it not for his interest in history and his skill at a camera, how many of us would be railway photographers now?

The National Railway Historical Society marked 75 years as a leading organization in the railroad preservation field. This anniversary was marked at the convention in Scranton and the Fall conference in Lancaster. NRHS lost their last two founding members in 2010. Bill Moeddinger and Jim Shuman.

B&M 3713 was put on the side lines until Baldwin 26 is completed. Time of completion is Summer of 2011.

Steamtown Volunteer Co Lead
  by Schuylkill Valley
Updated information for December 2010 on No. 26. this information comes from the Lead on project 565.

"Gents, I worked in the shop December 29Th. on some of the parts for 565 and the shop is a buzz with work on #26. They are milling the crossheads
Image and journal boxes to their final dimensions.
Image Brass is installed and finished.Image Also the front flu sheet is riveted in and they are cleaning up the rivet heads. Still lots of work to do, but making very good progress. I think we can all agree this is going to be a "bran new" engine when she rolls out.

Steve Boonstra
Project DL&W 565 volunteer manager"
  by Cosmo
Ok, I understand there are "good reasons" why it was decided 565 won't run,
but what, exactly WERE those reasons?
  by ricebrianrice
Thanks for the update on #26.

That kind of information is what the naysayers about Steamtown need to see!

Progress is happening!
  by 3rdrail
ricebrianrice wrote:Thanks for the update on #26.

That kind of information is what the naysayers about Steamtown need to see!

Progress is happening!
I agree and I'm delighted. That's exactly what is needed. "If it doesn't get reported, it never happened", generally speaking regarding the bulk of fans.