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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by Safetee
DCR is definitely into parks, but they're increasingly into other things too. they will own and then regulate the soon to be built replacement bridge for the schell bridge in northfield. they own and operate the various buildings and displays by the notch near granby. they also own and maintain the norwottuck rail trail. these rehabbed coaches with the dcr decals in my mind denoting ownership by dcr potentially speaking of a new transportation venture with BSRM and possibly mass dot. i also wonder if when the state rehabbed the north adams branch if that line is now owned by dcr.
  by BandA
What were BSRM's reporting marks before the HRRC banned them for alleged safety violations (actually allegedly covering up for HRRC's allegedly dangerous track conditions)?

Seems like a misuse of public funds for DCR to be paying for rolling stock for a tourist railroad. Unless the price is really low. This is probably a short term expedient, and maybe it's the cost of keeping the line active, but Massachusetts has real transportation needs that are higher priority.

Maybe they should lease these cars to the MBTA which has a car shortage. Wouldn't that be a hoot to have old Pullmans showing up in commuter service! In place of equipment 80 years newer...

I'd rather see DCR take ownership of the PCC trolleys on the Mattapan High Speed Line to keep them historically preserved in perpetuity like they do in San Francisco. And the Mattapan line runs through or near DCR reservations.
  by Brent S. Bette
The cars are owned by DCR and were originally used Holyoke Heritage State Park until they stopped rail operations. They are leased to BSRM and were moved to Lenox in 2006. The decision to move those particular cars to HVTR was solely based on the fact the coach seats are newly refurbished (using brand new rattan and paid for by BSRM) and the other is set up as a parlor car, providing greater operational opportunities in addition to increased capacity beyond the RDC. The original concept for HVTR always included traditional equipment (in addition to the RDC) but moving friction bearing cars proved to be a Herculean task and one that took years to bring to fruition. We are beyond ecstatic they're finally on the Adams Branch and will give our locomotive fleet something to do up there.

Manager, Special Projects
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  by oibu
With all due respect to RDCs and the restoration effort thereof, the prospect of having locomotive-hauled trains on the Adams branch is highly appealing. Doubly so if the business was there for BSRM to fill multiple coaches vs. just a 1-car RDC train!
  by Brent S. Bette
We're excited too. The RDC needs some repairs (specifically new windows and potentially some new paint) that requires we take it out of service for a few weeks at a time. It is by no means going away but rather getting a much needed rest after being the backbone of the operation for the last few years. Depending on demand, we may run it in the fall to handle bus trips. The coaches have further spurred (though we had a great deal of momentum even before this) the restoration of Boston & Maine 1113, our 1941 SW1 acquired from the Mt. Tom Power Station in Holyoke. Most importantly, we are in need of the capacity, particularly at peak times. We sold out our foliage and Christmas trains so the demand is certainly there.
  by oibu
Sounds good all around, good to know that the passenger volume has grown and is exceeding the RDC capacity and also that demand is prompting momentum on other locomotive projects.
  by newpylong
Now you just need the state to install PMS on all of those damn crossings. Stopping to flag on a tourist train is a giant PITA.
  by Backshophoss
LIRR used their RDC to pull a coach,but kissed the warranty good by,Budd didn't allow it.
FYI,Mass has ordered them to not run due to the virus.
  by riffian
Many railroads used RDCs to pull a coach. Rock Island routinely pulled a coach behind their RDC3 between Memphis and Little Rock. Minneapolis and St Louis pulled an express car every night in both directions behind their modified RDC4 between Minneapolis and Des Moines. Chicago and Eastern Illinois pulled a streamline coach behind their RDC1 on weekends between Chicago and Southern Illinois.