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  by MN-P32AC-DM-201-227
I was on Fotki and had seen something rather interesting. I seen what looks to be a Budd push pull cab car and coach at Dover Plains in 1998. The end of the cab car looks very similar to a Diesel rail coach, but with no hump in the middle. Did MN use these coaches on the upper Harlem back 10-15 years ago before the SL II's came around? Here is a photo of 1401, thanks to Mr.Gong....... ... 005-vi.jpg ... 006-vi.jpg ... 007-vi.jpg ... 003-vi.jpg
  by NortheastTrainMan
Imagine seeing those with a P32AC-DM!
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  by McGinty26
I think, and I'm probably wrong, but weren't they ex-VRE ?

I was fortunate to ride them many times with my pre-school son. About twice a week (and sometimes more) we would go to the Bagel House Lunchionette located at the Dover Plains RR Station. (This was pre Wassaic Extension) The train had about a forty minute layover and I usually picked the brain of the engineer, usually Georgie Smith or the late (unfortunately) Cliffy Harris. Paulie Fascilli was the conductor. Being pre 911, things were a lot looser. We'd ride in the head end, my son many times on the engineer's lap, even blowing the whistle ! Things sure have changed.

As much as I kinda liked these cars, the engineers cab in the cab car had cycle 60 air condioning. The old newspaper and duct tape were the only thing keeping the wind from coming in the front door.

I'm sure they were welcomed into railroad heaven.

Pat McCarty
  by FL9AC
Yes these were ex-VRE cars and yes they were the "Boise Budds". These cars were primarily used on the upper Harlem line. All of the Metro-North cars have since been scrapped...for the longest time they sat in the Deadline north of Harmon shops:


  by Otto Vondrak
Originally B&M Budd RDC's, sent to Morrison-Knudsen in Boise to be rebuilt as demotored coaches. Served on MBTA. Then sold to VRE. Then sold to Metro-North. Some were sold to Vermont Railway.

  by DutchRailnut
The Vermont cars went to Canada
The MNCR cars were never in service at VRE, they were spares that MNCR bought, the VRE cars MNCR leased for Hudson Service went to Caltrain and are now at Grand Canyon Railroad.


It is to bad the 4 MNCR cars were scrapped they would have made great immitation New Haven coaches for a Museum.
  by DutchRailnut
the answer is in post before your question.
  by metroduff
I know that Metro-North bought only 4, but there's a photo on page 66 of Panettiere's "Metro-North's Hudson Line" showing 6 cars - does anyone know how many additional were leased, and whether they were on the property in 1990?
  by DutchRailnut
The leased VRE's came on property just before centerdoor bombs arrived, there were 12 ex VRE cars in Hudson line service.
Again these cars went back to VRE and on to Caltrain.
They kept their VRE numbers while running on Hudson line.
  by Backshophoss
The ex-Cal-train set sees service as the seasonal 2nd train to Grand Canyon with an F40ph as power on GCRY
Not sure if that's running this year due to covid.