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General discussion about locomotives, rolling stock, and equipment

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  by BNSFKline
Ok, I got a quiz for everyone. Since I am new here, I can be called the QUIZ MASTER. This first one is a test of Knowledge on the UP

1.) Union Pacific never retired FEF-3 Class 4-8-4 Northern Steam Locomotive #844. Does this or does this NOT make the Union Pacific 100% diesel?

2.) Is it true that Union Pacific placed an order for Baldwin Baby Face Centapides, then Cancelled the order Last minute?

3.) The Union Pacific ordered two versions of the U50. The U50 and the U50C, the frames came from What Locomotive?

Thats all for know, for Doctor Klines Railroad Quiz

  by Justin B
1) Well #8444 does not full revenue freight, but if UP really wanted to I suppose it could be hooked up to a freight train no problem. So I would say UP is 99.95% diesel.

2) True.

3) I believe the trucks came from the 8500hp "Big Blow" turbines.

  by Railpac
3.) correct on the Big Blows, however Jim you forgot to mention the truck arrangement, the frames on the U50's came from the "Veranda" Turbines (B+B-B+B wheel arrangement), the frames on the U50C's came from the "Big Blows," which had a C-C wheel arrangement.