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  by shlustig
Were passenger locomotives of the C&O and PM (both steam and diesel) equipped with New York Central-style Automatic Train Stop (ATS) for use on the NYC Toledo Division (Rockwell Jct. to Alexis) and on the NYC Western Division from Porter to Pine?

The NYC employee timetables for the Toledo Div. and the Western Div. do not show a waiver for non-equipped engines in passenger service.

Also, does anyone know why C&O 5570-5595 (Class MTA-16) were restricted from operating on platform trackage at Toledo Station?

Thanks in advance.

  by BaltOhio

The only snippet of wisdom I can offer on this subject is that C&O's 5570-95 series were Alco RSD-5s, the six-motor version of the RS-3. Possibly track curvature vs. the Alco three-axle trucks and/or truck spacing was a problem, but that's only a guess. Otherwise, these seemed pretty ordinary units. Their trucks went to C&O's order of EMD SD-18s, as I recall.

Herb H.

  by Tadman
I've seen pics of the former PM E7's in Chicago, and I've never seen NYC units on a Pere Marquette, so they must have either had some waiver somewhere or maybe had ATS. Look in pictures, you'll notice the E7's aren't seen out east, and the E8/9's are never seen in michigan. That might mean the E7's were ATS-equipped and captive to michigan routes.