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  by Passenger
First see this:

The four track line simply ends abruptly NE of Euclid. Very unlike for example the turn around after 179th Jamaica. I'm guessing that it was intended to continue but didn't get built.

Where was it supposed to go?

Did they just run out of money and connect to the end of the Fulton Street El instead? Or was it preparation for part of the second system? Or something else?

Related questions: How were end of the line turns at Euclid originally handled? How were short turns at Euclid handled in more recent times? I have a vague maybe false childhood memory of it being the last stop on the local track.
  by Ken S.
The four tracks were supposed to go east until it was decided to merge the IND onto the LIberty Avenue El. Rumor has it that there is a station at 76th Street & Pitkin Avenue.
  by Kamen Rider
what's there to say. they got that far and changed thier minds.
  by Kamen Rider
you posted the answer to that at the start of the thread. look closely at the map.
  by Patrick Boylan
Kamen, are you trying to say that the map shows it's possible to cross over from any track to another track at Euclid Ave?
For example
outbound locals go to outbound express track before Euclid Ave station, go to inbound express track and then inbound from yard track after the station, change ends and go to inbound local track before the station
outbound express go to outbound local before the station, go to outbound to yard track after the station, change ends and go to outbound express then inbound express before the station then if they want inbound local after the station
  by Kamen Rider
how the heck did you make that asumption? follow the blue lines on the map.
  by Crabman1130
Looking at the picture of the A train in the 76St station. When did the TA adopt that color scheme?
I took the A train to school in Brooklyn. As I remember those cars were two tone gray with a red stripe until the late 60s.
  by Passenger
That web page was an April Fool's joke.

The page still out there, but no longer linked from that site's main menu.