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  by I love Trains
Hey everyone, yall are going to think I am dumb but is a train serivce person and a conductor the same thing?

  by Aji-tater
The only thing dumb is to NOT ask a question. Nobody knows it all and we all had to learn somewhere.

Train service usually refers to the crew operating the train. In traditional terms that would be the engineer and conductor. It used to include brakemen, flagmen and firemen as well. Now days some places do and some don't use brakemen. Another relatively new position is a utility man. Some places, that's like a traveling brakeman who works with more than one crew one after another, other places he (or she) may work part of the time with a train crew and then perform other categories of service.

Other categories would be M/W - Maintenance of Way, or in layman's terms the folks who maintain the track. M/E would be Maintenance of Equipment. Clerks, supervisors, brass (officials) - there are probably more but that's what comes to mind.

  by I love Trains
Hey thanks now i know

  by blippo
Train Service employee- Brakeman, Conductor
Engine Service employee- Engineer, Fireman

  by Aji-tater
And as you can see from the above, different places may use different terms. Blippo's post is self-explanatory. Other railroads I'm familiar with use the term in the manner I posted above. It does not mean either one is wrong, just different.

If you DO follow your wish into railroad employment, you may find other ways things are done differently or described differently from one place to another [such as hand signals]. A good piece of advice is "when in Rome, do as the Romans". If you should happen to change from one railroad to another, don't have the attitude that the first one was "right" and the second "wrong".

  by I love Trains

  by route_rock
Train service for us is Conductor,brakeman,switchman,foreman,helper,U man, and switchtender.What ever your seniority will allow you to hold is what you can get.