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  by OportRailfan
Came across this picture on nycsubway.org

Got me thinking as to why there would be PA-series cars out on (Amtrak's) main?


Looks like its looking east right by the Lehigh bridge that connects with Hunter.
  by OportRailfan
Otto Vondrak wrote:Delivery of new cars?
That's what I thought, but the photo states that it was taken in 1975, and the PA-1's would've been 10 years old by then.

Just wondering why they would be out in Waverly yard, instead of the South Street yard.

Edit, I don't think this is the Waverly Yard, but another yard that's right by the Lehigh bridge and Hunter Interlocking.
  by ElliotCourtney
They were bringing them through Penn station so the LIRR could test them for the M1 fleet. I saw a trains mag article on this. Not sure what year though.
Everyone: I recall seeing those cars down by Hunter-in the vicinity of the old McCarter Highway overpass back then-and I believe that those were cars that were sent out
for some type of work and they were being transferred from the PC to PATH or vice versa...I remember these because as an inquisitive teenage boy then I wondered why
they were there...

Elliott: The test that you saw the article on was about the tests of the then-new PATH PA1 cars on the LIRR from Jamaica to Woodside in the mid 60s...and that was also a test track for the NYC Transit R44 and R46 cars back in the 70s...they were somewhat similar to the M1s and were designed by the same firm for the MTA-Sundberg Ferar
of Southfield,Michigan...and I will add the MNCR New Haven Line M2s to the "family" of rail cars they designed for the MTA...