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  by granton junction
Between the 18th Ave and the New Utrecht Ave stations on the Sea Beach line on the Manhattan bound side of the row there is what appears to me was a trackway or vehicle access coming down from grade level. This is a mystery to me. It is easy to see when riding a Coney Island bound train. Can anybody speculate about what this might have been? Thanks.
  by Backshophoss
You might want to look a [http//www.nycsubway.org]; look under BMT Sea Beach line.
I'm not sure,but,It might be an abandoned connection to the LIRR/NY+A Bay Ridge Branch.
18th ave station is built over the Bay Ridge Branch.
You also might want to check with [http//www.trainsarefun.com]
look under Bay Ridge Branch.
Not sure if links work.
  by Kamen Rider
there is a substation above the tracks at 16th avenue. It's probibly just a connction between that and the roadbed.