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  by scharnhorst
I often see a good number of Units that are set up to Run on Remote Control in the Yards from time to time. I'm wondering if the Belt Pack that the Engineer has on him / her go's with the locomotive if it is being transferred from lets say St. Louis to Oklahoma City for example?? Or do the R/C packs stay being even when the Locomotive departs to a different state or city?
  by DutchRailnut
I believe the belt pack stays , it gets used for multiple locomotives by inputting the locomotive ID number.
  by EDM5970
I think Scharnhorst answered his own question when he referred to remote control locomotives in the "YARDS". Most of the remote applications I have seen will have specific RC units assigned to yards, and other units, usually higher horsepower, take over the road duties. I do know of a few applications that use de-activated locomotives as remote control receiver cars/brake sleds. In this case, any unit can be used as an RC switcher, receiving its commands through the 27 pin MU and brake hoses.
  by scharnhorst
So to make it simple a locomotive can be programed into belt pack if it has a receiver in it similar to lets say a DCC system on someone's model railroad layout??

All this is vary much alien to me with seeing R/C locomotives being that they tend to rotate them around to different yards out here on the BNSF system. It's like 1 month there are GP39-2's working the yard then there swapped out with SD40-2's. Maybe a week later a GP39M (GP30) pops up then there maybe a SD9 or something like that.