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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by BR&P
Just checking the name of the quarry (quarries) whose plant was located on the south (compass west) side of the LV main line at the Gulf Road crossing east of Leroy. General Crushed Stone? Dolomite? (I think GCS bought out Dolomite at some point?)

At one time they had a pretty big operation - I believe at least one of the G&W steam locos went there. Later they had a GE 65 tonner painted gray, and a derelict orange Whitcomb that would have made a nice museum piece if it had lived another 30 years or so. Their tracks also connected to the B&O to the south.

There was another quarry farther west - Heimlich's which also had its own rail operations but I believe they were separate and unrelated companies.
  by nydepot
General Crushed Stone Company is the first one, started in 1902.

The other, unrelated is, Le Roy Lime & Crushed Stone Co., running from 1917 to 3/31/1981.
  by BR&P
Thank you! Sad to consider ALL the various industrial rail operations which were once in the area and have vanished. :(
  by nydepot
I've done extensive research on everything west of Onondaga County (make an imaginary line south from the west side of Onondaga). I have 151 companies that used their own rail power. Of course, Erie County has the most. Some of the companies are fascinating. Other are fairly routine. Some are still around and have helped in my research. Some companies came and went before 1900 hit.
  by BR&P
Charles, are you considering publishing that info in book form?
  by BR&P
I mentioned the 2 locos which used to sit at the quarry alongside the LV. 1 GE, 1 Whitcomb. Here's pics. I would guess they both got the torch right where they sat.

Gotta say, there was something about those Whitcombs which made them appear brutish.
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  by FarmallBob
When I last saw the Whitcomb (1975 or so...) it was is the process of being cut up.

OTOH the GE just disappeared. Don't know whether it had been removed whole, or it got the torch before the Whitcomb.