• PTC in track warrant territory?

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  by SleepyCat
Good to hear from you MattW and thanks for that information. You are correct that CSX has downgraded the Georgia line Class 1 Railroad status to Class 2 from Lithonia to Comack Georgia. From Atlanta to Redan it retains Class 1 status, how that is possible I do not know. All container freight unit trains are now being moved from Atlanta to Savannah via the Mansfield subdivision. It appears that Cindy Sandborn, VP at CSX did not want to spend the money for PTC upgrades on the Georgia line Augusta to Lithonia and this has relegated the traffic to essentially local movements only. The line now seems to have LESS traffic on it than the Norfolk Southern 'S' Line between Atlanta to Macon; that particular line was TWC just like the Georgia Line albeit less control signals. It will be interesting to see if CSX will keep the control signals operational from Lithonia to Augusta now with so much less traffic. Of course, the Georgia Line remains a relief line in cases of emergency,.
  by mmi16
Since this thread is about PTC in TWC territory - there is more TWC territory on CSX than just the Georgia Sub.

PTC has been installed and made operational on both the Short Line Sub and the Ohio River Sub and this is 'totally dark' territory without any form of ABS signaling. PTC was made operational during the Summer of 2016. The territory runs between Grafton, WV and Huntington, WV
  by SleepyCat
Dear MMi6:
Granted by Matt and I live in georgia and are primarily concerned with the Georgia Terminal including former SCL routes in and out of Atlanta. Thank you for sharing.
  by MattW
I hope I'm ok in revivig this, but it seems that the Atlanta Terminal side of the Georgia road is receiving yet another signal upgrade. Clarkston, which wasn't replaced in the 2014-2015 resignaling is finally getting upgraded. I also have a source telling me that the signal north of Stone Mountain at ~YYG-156 is receiving a new signal. This one unlike Clarkston was a new install in the 2014 resignaling discussed in this thread. It fully replaced an older signal. Anyone have any more information about this?
  by dave1905
Sure you can have PTC in track warrant territory. The requirements for requiring PTC are the line operates passenger service or it handles above a certain threshold of TIH/PIH hazmat. But railroads can put PTC anywhere they like, even if its not required.

PTC does two things. It keeps a train from exceeding its authority and it keeps it from exceeding the authorized speed. PTC is all about stop, has nothing to to do with go. In single track TWC territory the signals do not grant authority, only the warrants do. PTC in TWC tracks where a train has warrant authority and keeps it from exceeding that authority. In addition, the line is signaled TWC, PTC will enforce speed restrictions associated with the signal indications (approach, restricting). In dark (no signals) TWC , PTC will also protect a train from encountering a switch line against it. In any TWC, PTC will enforce permanent and temporary speed restrictions. You do not need to install CTC to make PTC work.